The Time Trial Diaries #1: 2019 Plans

ontario provincial time trial championship

How Much Can You Improve Your Time Trial Performance in One Year

When you really think about it, time trialing is a really simple discipline. There are only two variables that effect your time trial performance: power and drag. Power is the force you put into the bicycle to propel if forward while drag are the forces that resist your forward movement (air resistance, rolling resistance, gravity, etc). If you increase your power and/or decrease your drag, you will improve your time trial performance.

time trial performance
Throw back to 2016 Grey County Time Trial

With that being said, my plan for 2019 is to explore how much of an improvement in time trial performance a pretty average cyclist, like myself, can gain by optimizing all the factors that feed into this performance equation. Over the next season, I will be working on increasing my power through targeted training and reducing my drag which includes improving aerodynamics, reducing rolling resistance, and dropping a couple pounds.

My improvements will be tracked against a few key markers: changes in Functional Threshold Power, my time on the local club 15, and ultimately against an elite field at the Ontario Provincial Time Trial Championships at the end of the season.

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This will be a multipart series here on the website and over on the YouTube channel that will span the length of the 2019 road cycling season. Regular posts will include updates on my training, information on the equipment I am using, and really anything that could help you also improve your time trial performance. So make sure you follow along, cause this should be “fun”.

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