Ontario Cyclocross Schedule Update

ontario cyclocross schedule

Update to 2016 Ontario Cyclocross Schedule

There has been an update to 2016 Ontario Cyclocross schedule with the first event, Why Did the Turkey CX the Road on September 18th being cancelled.

Here is the announcement from the Ontario Cycling website:

We regret to inform you that the first Cyclo-cross Ontario Cup of the 2016 season, Why Did the Turkey CX the Road, scheduled for September 18th has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding the venue.


The first Cyclo-cross O-Cup of the season will now be the We Need More Cowbell O-Cup held in St. Catharines on September 25th.

ontario cyclocross scheduleAnd here is the full announcement and the explanation for the cancellation from the event organizers on their Facebook page:

It is with a heavy heart that I must regretfully cancel this race for this year. I do feel an explanation is due as many of you have already been contacting me for details. As of this past Friday, Aug 26, i was unable to secure a facility worthy of a top level CX race.


For the past 4 years, I was working with a partner on this race, and as of late June, he did not want to do it anymore. the problem is that he had a contact at the conservation authority (they are elusive at best to get a hold of), and he brought with him a VERY sizable and generous sponsorship. 2 things I did not have lined up when July started.


I found 3 new facility that were not Christie lake. why? it takes about 90 entrance fees just to pay for that facility. (remember i don’t have the sizable sponsorship).


I called the conservation authority 14 times in 2 weeks, then finally got through. 2 of the venues I would not be allowed to use. i set the 3rd, went to sign, and it was booked. uggg.


There are many other places I could use, but they are not up to my standard for an O-CUP event. I do apologize.

Losing an event from the Ontario cyclocross schedule is disappointing but there are still many exciting events to look forward to.