2016 Scott Foil 30 Review

2016 scott foil 30

2016 Scott Foil 30 Bike Review Last summer, Scott unveiled the completely redesigned Foil.  When first released, the Scott Foil was revolutionary in terms of aero road bike design.  The use of truncated aerofoil shaped tubing (pointy on one side, flat on the other) helped over come some of the problems with earlier aero road bikes, mostly weight and stiffness.

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Spotted: 2016 Scott Foil

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Scott’s Aero Bike Gets a Small Makeover for 2016 Trek isn’t the only company showing off what is in store for 2016 this week.  Ahead of stage 1 of the Tour de Suisse, a new Scott Foil was spotted in the Orica-GreenEdge pits being ridden by Swiss rider Michael Albasini.  The 2016 Scott Foil sports some minor changes and a

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New Bike: Scott Foil 20

Is There Anything Better Than a New Bike? Been a while since I have written anything but Christmas came a little late, or it was my birthday.  Either way, I officially have a new bike.  You might remember reading about the tragic death of my trusty old Rocky Mountain Turbo, while now it has officially been replaced. Say hello to

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A Funeral of Sorts

This week I got the unpleasant news that it maybe time to retire my trusty Rocky Mountain Turbo.  The reason: a bent derailleur hanger. A small problem but when you consider the characteristics of aluminum one that is not easy.  Aluminum is not a fan of being bent so bending the hanger back could result in one of two things:

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