Paris to Ancaster 2016

paris to ancaster

Paris to Ancaster Race Report I almost don’t know what to write about for this race report.  Things went too well for me at Paris to Ancaster that I don’t think it will make for an exciting blog.  There are none of the Cat. 4 failures that normally fill my race reports for you to laugh at (example 1, example

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Gravel Grinding

gravel grinding

Gravel is Good for the Soul Take one part endless gravel trails.  Throw in a pinch of lakeside views.  Sprinkle in some good company.  Top it all off with a dash of wild weather and you have a recipe for a perfect Sunday afternoon. With the growth of gravel events all around the continent and the bike industry’s trend towards

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Spotted: Cannondale Slate


Unique Take on the Adventure/Gravel Bike from American Manufacturer Over recent weeks, Cannondale has been teasing their unique take on the adventure/gravel genre of road bikes through a series of YouTube videos featuring former US cyclocross champion Tim Johnson.  Dubbed the “Slate,” the new bike from Cannondale offers a number of features unique to the adventure/gravel bike, and road bikes

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