Hello 2018

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018! I guess its been a while since I wrote anything, but that’s because I didn’t have anything to write about.  I mean I could have written a wrap up to The Run Up series from my cyclocross season.  Or I could have written some sort of year in review post or some reflections on the season. 

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Looking Back: Reviewing Season Goals

Season Goals

Looking Back at How I Measured up Against My Season Goals The other day while sitting at my desk, I noticed the training plan I had written last winter ahead of the 2016 season.  It wasn’t so much the race times, weekly hours, and training goals that caught my attention, but more specifically it was the season goals I had

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Season Planning: Setting Goals

Its early October and fall has set in here in Ontario.  The days are growing shorter and the temperatures are dropping, it wont be long until that dirty “s” word shows up in our weather forecasts.  With Il Lombardi, the Tour of Falling Leaves, in the books (won by Dan Martin) the cycling season in the northern hemisphere is coming

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