Saturn’s Ibis Ripley Dream Build

What bike does the man behind the GTA’s largest exotic car owners, lifestyle, and social networking group, Saturn’s Drives, get? Does he pick something foreign, maybe Italian? Or does he go small and boutique? Or something from one of the big guys? Well what ever he picks, it better be like an exotic car: flashy, loud, a little bit ostentatious,

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2020 Goals

As promised in my 2019 review, it is time to look ahead at some plans and goals for my 2020 season. In the name of self-care and avoiding placing undue pressure on myself, I am avoiding making race outcome goals and instead focusing on the process. No setting “win X race” as a goal since there are so many variables

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Women’s PanAm Champs 2019 Photos

panam champs

While the rain stopped and the course at The Silver Goose started to dry up a bit for the women’s PanAm Champs race, conditions remained tough with a number of slick off cambers and a white knuckle plunge down a mud shoot. Maghalie Rochette (Specialized/Feedback Sports) defended her title in a dominant fashion as she lead from start to finish.

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Provincial Time Trial Championships 2018

ontario provincial time trial championship

Provincial Time Trial Championships Race Report So this is something I haven’t done in a while, and not at all for this season.  That is write a race report.  Partially because there hasn’t been much to write about, and also because I was trying unsuccessfully to make YouTube videos rather than blogs.  But here we are again, back at it.

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Easton EC90 Aero Handlebar Review

Easton EC90 Aero Handlebar

Review of the Easton EC90 Aero Handlebar As the EC90 moniker suggests, the EC90 Aero handlebar is Easton’s top of the line carbon fiber, aerodynamically shaped handlebar.  Featuring an anatomic sculpted wing top section, the EC90 Aero is designed not only to cut through the air but to also be comfortable on long rides thanks to a wide flat section

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