Do You Really Need a Time Trial Helmet

time trial helmet

Do You Really Need a Time Trial Helmet: Putting it to the Test When Giro released their latest and greatest time trial helmet the Aerohead last summer, they also released aerodynamics data on their helmets that really struck me.  You can see the data for yourself in the chart below.  At the time, I was considering buying a Giro Selector

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Wahoo Element Cycling Computer Review

wahoo element

Wahoo Element Review: User Friendly Cycling Computer I have been using the Wahoo Element for a couple of months now, as a replacement for my Garmin 510.  Garmin has been the leader in the GPS cycling computer market for years now but now Wahoo has brought their Element to the market to offer a little competition.  The Wahoo Element was

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KW Classic 2017 Race Report

kw classic

KW Classic 2017 Race Report There is no excuses for that. That was just plain and simply an ass kicking and I didn’t have what it took to stick with it. Yet another DNF at an O Cup. At my previous races, there was something else I could blame on my poor performance.  Something I could pick out and know

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Rudy Project Boost 01 Review

Rudy Project Boost 01

Review of the Rudy Project Boost 01 Aero Helmet The Boost 01 is Rudy Project’s aero road helmet and can currently be seen adorning the heads of the riders’ of Bahrain-Merida in its flashy golden color.  Rudy Project is probably better known to triathletes but has been making a bigger push into the road world thanks to the sponsorship of

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Home Mechanic: Top 10 Things You Need

Top 10 Things Every at Home Mechanic Needs I am a firm believer that every cyclist should be able to perform the most basic bike maintenance tasks, even though it takes work away from me.  But in order to perform these tasks, every at home mechanic needs some tools and equipment.  So where you are an at home wrench just

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A Day in the Life of a Bike Mechanic

bike mechanic

A Day in the Life of a Bike Mechanic As many of you already know, I spend my days turning wrenches in a bike shop.  Now some of you are probably curious as to what happens behind the scenes of a bike shop and the black magic involved in keeping your bikes running smoothly.  So I’m going to pull back

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