Garneau Copper T-Flex Review

garneau copper t-flex

Garneau Copper T-Flex Mountain Bike Shoe Review Designed for mountain biking but perfect for cyclocross, as proven by the riders on the Garneau-Easton cyclocross team, the Garneau Copper T-Flex sits at the top of Garneau‘s off-road shoe line up.  The Copper T-Flex shares many of the features of Garneau’s road range topping Course Air Lite including a carbon sole, low

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The Run Up: Hardwood Cross


Hardwood Cyclocross Race Report Better late than never I guess.  Now that I’ve had a couple days to digest how Sunday’s race at Hardwood went its time to sit down and write out this race report.  As usual its not going to be some blow my blow account but focus on more of the major events. Hardwood was once again

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Maxxis Speed Terrane Review

maxxis speed terrane

Maxxis Speed Terrane Cyclocross Tire Review The Maxxis Speed Terrane is a semi-slick cyclocross racing tire with aggressive side knobs that is designed for hardpacked and sandy courses.  It features a file tread down the middle for fast speed on hardpacked and sandy courses with triplets of paddled knobs down the center for climbing and breaking traction.  The Speed Terrane

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The Run Up: We Need More Cowbell

we need more cowbell

We Need More Cowbell Race Report Cross is here!  But cross weather definitely isn’t.  Boy that was a scorcher.  Even at the 9:30 start the temperature was hot at Bissell’s Hideaway making for some tough racing at We Need More Cowbell, the first Ontario Cup cyclocross race of the season. Since we are taking about the weather, let’s talk about

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The Run Up: Introduction

dam cross

Welcome to The Run Up What is The Run Up? Basically its me trying to be creative with my naming of my blogs for this fall’s cyclocross season.  Also, I figure if I kind of make it into a series I will be more committed to regular blogging unlike I was during the road season.  Heck, I almost thought about

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