How to Get More Aero on Your Bike

London Criterium O-Cup #7

How to Get More Aero on Your Bike Every cyclist loves going fast and we are always looking for ways to get even faster.  Whether its to win a big race, take a prestigious Strava KOM, beat your riding buddies in the town line sprint, or just ride faster on your favorite Sunday loop, we all are just looking for

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The Importance of Aerodynamics

felt s32

A Real World Case Study in the Importance of Aerodynamics We here it all the time: Aero is everything.  You can save x watts with y.  Blah blah blah.  You’ve heard all the marketing mumbo-jumbo.  But its not too often that we get to actually see how much of an impact aerodynamics makes on our rides.  So in order to

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