Sugoi RS Zero L/S Jersey

sugoi rs zero ls jersey

Sugoi RS Zero LS Jersey: Insulated Long Sleeve Jersey for Winter Warmth

The Sugoi RS Zero LS Jersey is a pro fit, insulated long sleeve jersey for winter riding with a mix of materials offering protection from wind and rain.  The Sugoi RS Zero LS Jersey features a full length zipper, a zipper on the left wrist for watch wearers, and three rear pockets plus one protected media pocket.  The Sugoi RS Zero LS Jersey is available in three colors: red, black, and blue.

With the description out of the way, lets get down to the knitty gritty of this long sleeve jersey from Canadian manufacturers Sugoi. Expectations were high for the Sugoi RS Zero LS Jersey cause all Canadian companies should know a thing or two about designing winter garments.sugoi rs zero ls jerseyFirst off, the RS Zero LS Jersey has a Pro Fit meaning it is cut to fit closely to the body but, compared to other companies, the fit is very loose.  I like to describe Sugoi’s fit as North American as their sizes fit closer to what you would expect when buying a t-shirt rather than the tight fitting sizes of Italian companies.

Now some more technical babel.  The RS Zero LS Jersey uses Sugoi’s Firewall 180 fabric to provide wind and rain protection.  The material proved to be waterproof in light rain but was never tested in heavy rain.  The Firewall 180 material blocked all but the sharpest of winds which definitely got through while descending.

Sugoi’s Mid-Zero material provides insulation and the fleecy lining felt super soft against skin which helped in making the RS Zero LS Jersey a very comfortable jersey.  Offering great insulation, breathability, and moisture wicking, the Sugoi RS LS Jersey was perfect for conditions just above freezing.sugoi rs zero ls jerseyThe only negative I found with the Sugoi RS Zero LS Jersey was the protected media pocket.  The pocket was designed to protect media devices like cell phones from sweat and features a media cord access hole so you can run headphones inside your jersey.  The pocket used a flap to keep it closed but I would feel more comfortable with a zipper for valuable electronic devices.  Also, the pocket was a little small for today’s giant smartphones and the sweat protection was lacking as my phone still got perspiration on it.

One little pocket can’t hold this jersey back though as the Sugoi RS Zero LS Jersey is an excellent jersey, perfect for those Spring and Fall rides where the temperature is just above zero.  Its also great as a middle layer for colder rides when paired with Sugoi’s RSE NeoShell Jacket and RS Core Base Layer.

Sugoi RS Zero LS Jersey Good:

  • Comfortable fit and materials
  • Good protection from wind and rain
  • Perfect for Spring/Fall rides or as a layer for Winter rides

Sugoi RS Zero LS Jersey Bad:

  • Protected media pocket does not inspire confidence
  • Didn’t block the sharpest of winds
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