Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short Review

sugoi rs pro bib short

Great Fit and Outstanding Chamois Make the Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short My Go To Short

A few weeks back, I gave my first impressions of the Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short. Since then, I’ve been giving the shorts from Sugoi a thorough testing and I have to say I have been nothing but impressed by the excellent Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short.sugoi rs pro bib shortAs I noted in my first impressions, my only niggle with the Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short at the time was that the aero band leg opening was very tight and restricting.  Thankfully, it only took a wear or two to break the elastic in and get more stretch out of it.  Although the leg opening still fits snugly, in order to provide a smoother fit, it is no longer so tight that it is restricting.

Sugoi offers a 60 Day Comfort Guarantee on all their shorts and tights.  Sugoi are so confident that they make the best shorts and tights available that if you are not completely satisfied with your new shorts or tights within 60 days of purchase, just bring them back to the place of purchase for exchange or guaranteed handling.

The rest of the fit of the Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short is spot on.  With an aero fit, it is snug through the thighs in order to eliminate any extra material that may cause drag.  The shorts moved well with my legs and, despite the snug fit, I never found the Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short to be restricting.

The straps of the Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short fit comfortably as well, I never experienced them digging into my shoulders or other discomfort, and the mesh fabric ventilated well.sugoi rs pro bib shortIn terms of temperature regulation, the Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short performed adequately.  Its still early spring here and I cannot complain about ever feeling cold in them, even on days when arm and leg warmers were required.  I never felt overheated in them either so far this spring, but I do wonder how the temperature regulation of the Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short will perform in the summer heat.

Sugoi equipped the RS Pro Bib Short with their Formula FX chamois, which uses a high density foam for cushioning and a recessed channel to help relieve pressure.  Like a good saddle, the high density foam in the Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short’s Formula FX chamois ensured lasting comfort on long rides and the recessed channel noticeably aided in relieving pressure.  The Formula FX is probably the best chamois I have ever used and has made the Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short my go to short for long training rides.

Overall, the Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short has been excellent.  The combination of good fit and an outstanding chamois has made the Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short my go to short.  It is one of the best bib shorts I have ever tried and I would definitely recommend the Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short to anyone in the market for a new pair of shorts.

Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short Good:

  • Aerodynamic but not restricting fit
  • Outstanding chamois for all day comfort
  • Top of the line performance at middle of the range price

Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short Bad:

  • Leg opening still a little tight even after breaking in
  • Temperature regulation not tested in summer conditions
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