Sugoi RS Core Review

sugoi rs core

Stay Warm This Winter With the Sugoi RS Core

The Sugoi RS Core is a comfortable and warm base layer ideal for helping you brave the coldest of winter days.  Made from synthetic materials, the Sugoi RS Core is constructed from the Canadian company’s Fino Pro wicking material to manage moisture, a challenge on winter rides when you’re wrapped up like a baked potato.  The pro cut ensures the base layer fits close to your skin and flat seams keep the RS Core comfortable.

Dressing for winter riding requires lots of layers in order to combat the cold.  Its important to start with a good base, just like building a house, to ensure you are comfortable all winter.  The job of the base layer is to keep you dry by pulling sweat away from your skin.  Since evaporating sweat is one of the ways your body cools itself down, its important to get it away from your skin as quickly as possible in order to keep you warm in the cold months.  Winter base layers also provide a layer of insulation against the cold.sugoi rs core

The Sugoi RS Core checks all the boxes when it comes to base layers.  Its made from super soft materials and fits closely skin to your skin making it unbelievably comfortable.  It almost disappears as you’re riding as you soon forget that you are wearing a base layer, which I believe is part of a good base layer’s job.  The Sugoi RS Core also does a fantastic job at wicking moisture away from your skin leaving you nice and dry without becoming damp.

The Sugoi RS Core is such a fantastic base layer that its hard to say anything bad about it.  It is a very snug fit so, as always, make sure you try before you buy.  Available in both long sleeve and short sleeve versions, allowing you to select the amount of insulation you need.  I definitely recommend the Sugoi RS Core if you are looking for a base layer to get you through your winter rides.

Sugoi RS Core Good:

  • checks all the boxes for a base layer
  • super comfy, becomes a second skin
  • excellent moisture wicking

Sugoi RS Core Bad:

  • nothing
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