Sugoi RC Pro Glove Review

sugoi rc pro glove

Great Fitting Glove Incorporating Chamois Tech

Many road cyclists choose not to wear gloves while out training.  I, personally, always wear gloves while riding.  The extra padding provided in the palms of gloves can go a long way in improving ride comfort.  I had the opportunity to test the Sugoi RC Pro Glove over the last couple of weeks, and like the RS Pro Jersey and Bib Shorts, the RC Pro Glove is another excellent product from Sugoi.sugoi rc pro gloveWhile reviewing a number of products from Sugoi, I have been very impressed by the quality of materials and construction used on their products.  The Sugoi RC Pro Glove is no exception.  The wicking material used for the back does an excellent job at regulating temperature and moisture and the palm feels tough and durable yet supple.

The fit of the Sugoi RC Pro Glove is excellent.  The glove was easy to put on and take off and the velcro strap does a good job at allowing your to dial in the fit you want.  The fingers of the glove are unobtrusive and sit nicely below the first knuckle.  The cuff sits just below the heel of the palm and does not obstruct wrist movement.sugoi rc pro gloveThe standout feature of the Sugoi RC Pro Glove is the use of the same high density foam that Sugoi uses in their chamois to provide padding in the palm.  The RC Pro Glove’s padding kept my hands comfortable on long rides and was great at relieving pressure.  I occasionally suffer from numbness in my hands on longer rides while using other gloves but I never experienced even the slightest numbness while using the Sugoi RC Pro Glove.

If you are in the market for a new pair of gloves, I definitely recommend the Sugoi RC Pro Glove.  Who would have thought that applying chamois technology to gloves would be a good idea?  A combination of good fit, great materials and excellent padding makes the Sugoi RC Pro Glove my new go to glove.

Sugoi RC Pro Glove Good

  • Excellent padding
  • Good fit
  • Great materials and construction
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