Smith Overtake Helmet Review

Smith Overtake Review

I have been putting the Smith Overtake, that helmet with the funny looking honeycombs, to the test over the last month of so during the hottest weeks of the summer.  Smith designed the Overtake as the ultimate racing helmet with maximum ventilation, superior aerodynamics, and improved protection.  With its aggressive looks and unique technologies, how did the Smith Overtake fare?smith overtake

Smith’s AEROCORE construction aimed at increasing air flow, improving temperature regulation, and improving impact resistance.  Smith used Koroyd in the construction to help achieve these goals.  The honeycomb looking material absorbs more energy on impact compared to international standards which allowed Smith to increase the number of vents (21 in total) on the Overtake without compromising safety.

When first looking at the Smith Overtake, one wonders if it would not be a very warm helmet.  With out all the Koroyd straws lining up with the direction of the wind, wouldn’t less air get into the helmet?  When you ride with the Smith Overtake, you do notice that less air gets through the vents.  You don’t feel the same gusts of wind on your head with the Smith Overtake as you do with other heavily vented helmets.  But the Overtake still does an incredible job at regulating temperature.  As the wind moves over the vents and Koroyd straws, the hot air is pulled out of the helmet and away from your head, keeping you cool on even the hottest days.smith overtake

I have been using the Smith Overtake on basically every ride the last month of so during the hottest weeks of the Ontario summer.  And after thorough testing, I can say that I never felt like I was overheating in the Overtake.  The Overtake’s unique design was able to keep my head cool even during record setting heat.

On your head, the Smith Overtake feels great as well.  Thanks to the Smith’s AEROCORE construction, Smith could reduce the amount of material used in the Overtake without sacrificing safety.  As a result, the Overtake is a very light weight helmet and combined with its high fit, you barely notice it on your head.  Smith’s VaporFit Adjustable Fit System ensures a snug and comfortable fit with small enough increments to really dial it in.smith overtake

Since Smith is also a big player in the sunglasses game, the Overtake was designed to securely hold your Smith sunglasses.  The arms of the sunglasses fit perfectly in the channels on the helmet and it is easy to secure them in while riding.

With a very aggressive design, the Smith Overtake’s looks may not be for everyone.  Personally, I like how the Overtake looks and like even more how many different colors it is available in.  Smith has a color option to match an kit or personal preference.

Overall, the Smith Overtake is a fantastic helmet.  I spent my own money on the Overtake so I don’t feel obligated to say any of this.  I am totally satisfied with my purchase and would definitely recommend the Smith Overtake to anyone in the market for a new helmet.