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Nine Hammers: A Rite of Passage

So I got my hands on an early copy of The Sufferfest’s next video, Nine Hammers.  Nine Hammers will be available to the public on December 18th but is available now and here is your chance to find out a little more about The Sufferfest’s latest form of torture.  If you ever want to know what it feels like to be hit with nine hammers, here you go.the sufferfest nine hammers

“Choosing how to suffer is like choosing what hammer to be hit with.” – Old Sufferlandrian joke

So what is Nine Hammers?  One of my favorite bits of The Sufferfest is the lore that they fill their videos with and Nine Hammers continues that trend.  This time you are on a journey as part of a Sufferlandrian rite of passage that really puts you through the gauntlet.  The Nine Hammers refers to a series of 9 VO2 max and Threshold intervals, which are either 3 or 4 and half minutes long.  But luckily they give you a rest in between each interval, kind of.

The footage used in Nine Hammers is, in traditional Sufferfest fashion, brilliant.  The Sufferfest has once again gotten their hands on on-bike race footage, this time from the Tour de Romandie and Tour de Suisse.  I now believe that on-bike race footage is not only going to change how we watch races but also how we train.  Debuting in The Rookie, using on-bike footage gives a completely different feel to the training experience.the sufferfest nine hammers

The Sufferfest has also teamed up with The Col Collective.  The Col Collective makes some lovely Youtube videos about climbing mountains but this time they have provided the footage used during the Nine Hammers rests.  While recovering from each of the nine hammer strikes, you might be able to get a look at some lovely, winding mountain descents.

Nine Hammers is plain and simply a straight forward, brutal work out.  The Sufferfest really puts you through the ringer on this one with a series of unrelenting hammer attacks.  Nine Hammers is nothing fancy but is brutally effective.  My average heart rate over the entire 1 hour workout was 161 beats per minute.  Really gets the ticker going and the legs burning.the sufferfest nine hammers

Once I finished, it really felt like my legs had been beaten by nine, or more, hammers.  As I said, it is a brutal grind that really pushes you to and beyond your limits.  Nine Hammers is a perfect workout for fine tuning your top end race fitness.  These are the sort of efforts you are going to need to put out in races if you want to breakaway from your opponents.  So if you are looking for a workout to do a couple weeks out of a big event, eight hammers aren’t enough.  Its time for Nine Hammers.

So to sum it all up, Nine Hammers is another great video from The Sufferfest.  In fact, I find it hard to say anything bad about their videos except for “ow, that one hurt.”

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  • I’m looking forward to incorporating this into my training plan for the year. While sprinting is definitely a weakness for me (I have a climber’s physique and temperament) working the anaerobic system for repeated “match burnings” later in my Build period is something I’ve always had to build on my own. (Or, sometimes I’d do a half-hour Z2 warm-up followed by A Very Dark Place, pushing Z5 for each interval.)

    I have a Garmin 800, and for interval workouts designed to work on extended top-end speed, I’ve always built my own workouts, loaded them into the head unit, selected an appropriate industrial, metal, or alt album (or three), and ground myself into the carpet.

    Now, I can let The Sufferfest help me conduct a new Zone 5 Grind Symphony after my Base and Build I is established. Painfully awesome.

    Thanks for the review!


    • thewannaberacer

      Thanks for the comment.

      That’s what the Sufferfest is great at. Making boring training time less boring with great footage, awesome sound tracks and brutal workouts.

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