Maxxis Speed Terrane Review

maxxis speed terrane

Maxxis Speed Terrane Cyclocross Tire Review

The Maxxis Speed Terrane is a semi-slick cyclocross racing tire with aggressive side knobs that is designed for hardpacked and sandy courses.  It features a file tread down the middle for fast speed on hardpacked and sandy courses with triplets of paddled knobs down the center for climbing and breaking traction.  The Speed Terrane has aggressive side knobs on the shoulders to really bite in while cornering.  The Speed Terrane features Maxxis’s Evo Protection and is tubeless ready.

maxxis speed terrane

On the bike, the Maxxis Speed Terrane is a fantastic tread for early season cyclocross.  The central file tread was fast rolling and offered plenty of braking traction on the hardpacked courses of early season cyclocross.  The Speed Terrane really shines when you push it into corners with the aggressive side knobs, which I think are inspired by their mountain bike tires, really biting in and allowing you to rip the turns.  It does take a little practice to get used to the drifting feeling when you first lean into the corners until the Speed Terrane’s side knobs bite in, but with time you will be flying around early season courses.

maxxis speed terrane

While the Maxxis Speed Terranes set up tubeless quickly and easily, it was difficult to keep them that way.  I experienced a couple of burps (tire separating from rim allowing air to escape) while using the Speed Terrane, one of which took me out of a race.  I believe the issue could be resolved with a wider internal rim diameter.  The wheels I tested the Speed Terranes on had an internal diameter of 19mm but I think a rim with at least a 21mm diameter, or even 23mm would be better.  The Speed Terrane has a very square profile and I think a wider rim would support the sidewalls better making it less likely to roll off the rim.  A wider internal rim diameter would also plumb the tire up a bit more since it measured closer to 32mm than the advertised 33mm.

Although I loved the performance of the tread of the Maxxis Speed Terrane, the issues I experienced keeping the bead of the tire on the rim make the tire impossible to recommend.  I would like to try the Speed Terrane out on a rim with a wider internal diameter to see if that resolves the issues.  If that resolves the issue, the Maxxis Speed Terrane would be a fantastic early season cyclocross tire thanks to its fast rolling center and aggressive cornering knobs.

Maxxis Speed Terrane Good:

  • fast rolling center
  • great cornering traction

Maxxis Speed Terrane Bad:

  • burping issues when set up tubeless