Louis Garneau Course Skinsuit Review

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Louis Garneau Course Skinsuit Review – Your Everyday Skinsuit

There is something special about putting a skinsuit on.  Normally saved for race day, you know you are preparing for something big when you are pulling on your skinsuit.  Also, nothing beats that feeling of slipping through the air silently with hardly a ruffle of your clothing.  Most skinsuits come with some inconveniences, like comfort and storage, meaning they’re not ideal for daily use.  But what if there was an everyday skinsuit?  Meet the Louis Garneau Course Skinsuit.

louis garneau course skinsuit

It seems unfair to call the Louis Garneau Course Skinsuit just a piece of clothing since its loaded with technology.  The Course Skinsuit was developed with Team Canada and Alphamantis to make it as fast and as comfortable as possible while maximizing performance.  Performance was balanced with the needs of the athletes in development of the Course Skinsuit.

Louis Garneau clearly put a lot of time and effort into developing the materials used and where they are used on the Course Skinsuit.  All the edges are laser cut for a clean look and there are minimal seams to lessen irritation and improve comfort.

There are 3 different compression zones on the shorts for improved blood flow but amazingly there are no seams between the zones.  Instead each zone features a different weave in the fabric to change its characteristics.  The legs of the Course Skinsuit are cut just above the knee, which is a little long for my liking but is in line with current trends among the pros.

louis garneau course skinsuit

The upper of the Course Skinsuit features light, breathable materials that offer good moisture management to keep your cool and dry.  The fabric on the shoulders and across the upper chest, which meet the air, are textured similar to sharkskin for improved aerodynamics.  The textured material continues down the back on each side of a mesh material in the middle in order help air pass smoothly over you back.

The collaboration with aero gurus Alphamantis meant a lot of work went into making the Louis Garneau Course Skinsuit as fast as possible.  Garneau claims that the Course Skinsuit can shave off a second per kilometer compared to other suits.  Unfortunately its difficult to validate aero claims without a wind tunnel (but I did use the Course Skinsuit as part of some real world aero testing).

louis garneau course skinsuit

The Louis Garneau Course Skinsuit features a full length, detached zipper, almost like a jersey that has been stitched to a pair of shorts.  This makes it easier to put on than other skinsuits and doesn’t require awkward hunching.  It also helps with natures breaks, especially with their “Nature Calls” front panel.  You really don’t realize how much stress bibs place on your shoulders until they are gone which makes the Course Skinsuit comfortable for long days.

The Course Skinsuit uses Louis Garneau’s top of the line chamois, the 5 Motion.  The chamois is thin but includes many features for improved comfort including being preshaped before being stitched into the shorts, a central relief channel, and ventilation.  All of this works together to make the Course Skinsuit comfortable enough for long days in the saddle.

The Louis Garneau Course Skinsuit features a pair of deep pockets that place the items you store in them on the top of your but/lower back so that they are sheltered from the wind, keeping your back smooth and not compromising aerodynamics.  They provide lots of storage and a secure elastic to keep them closed and smooth.  There is also an additional smaller sweatproof interior pocket with a headphone cable exit for media storage.  The pockets are floating so they don’t pull on the top when full.  Lack of storage is often an issue with other skinsuits but that problem is resolved on the Course Skinsuit.

Its really hard to think of anything wrong with the Course Skinsuit.  Maybe that its only available in a race cut which may not suite every body type but its a skinsuit, what would you expect?  I’m really racking my brain to find something bad to say about the Course Skinsuit but I just can’t think of anything.

louis garneau course skinsuit

Featuring all the high end finishes you would expect in a skinsuit of this quality, at $400 the Louis Garneau Course Skinsuit seems like a bargain.  You are basically getting a top end short and jersey stitched together to minimize seems and improve airflow.

And I can’t forget that its available in high visibility fluro for safety.  Its also available in Black/White/Ginger.

If I gave out star ratings, I would give the Louis Garneau Course Skinsuit 5 stars.  Thanks to ample storage, excellent comfort, and ease of use, the Louis Garneau Course Skinsuit could become your everyday skinsut.  So go ahead and be that guy who shows up for the weekly club ride in a skinsuit, just make sure you have the legs to back it up.  Fast enough for race day but practical enough for everyday.

Louis Garneau Course Skinsuit Good:

  • ample storage
  • full length zippers for ease of use
  • tons of tech at a great price

Louis Garneau Course Skinsuit Bad:

  • legs a little long for my preference