Loaded Napalm Road Bar Review

Loaded Napalm Road

Loaded Napalm Road Bar Review

Loaded may be better known for their lightweight mountain bike components (like the X-Lite Ti stem) but the US company has also applied their carbon fiber manufacturing know-how to road products.  The Loaded Napalm Road Bar is Loaded’s step into the road market with a lightweight handlebar that can compete with the big boys.Loaded Napalm Road Bar

The Loaded Napalm Road Bar uses Loaded’s proprietary 1 piece, 1 pass layup technique which, when combined with high grade carbon, maximizes strength and minimizes weight.  According to their website, the Loaded Napalm Road Bar’s claimed weight is 180 gram.  The 44cm wide bar I got for review had an actual weight of 197 grams making it competitive with most company’s carbon options.

The second claimed benefit of Loaded’s 1 piece, 1 pass lay up technique is that it makes for a strong bar.  These claims are true for the Loaded Napalm Road Bar with great stiffness and absolutely no flex under load making for awesome power transfer in and out of the saddle.Loaded Napalm Road Bar

Finally, the Loaded Napalm Road Bar is one of the most comfortable bars I have ever used.  My 44cm wide bar actually measured 42cm from center to center at the hoods and 44cm from center to center in the drops.  That little flair made for a great feeling in the drops and the oversized tops helps spread out the pressure on your hands making for a comfortable ride.

In conclusion, the Loaded Napalm Road Bar is a great bar and will be staying on my new Apollo.  The Loaded Napalm Road Bar is light, stiff, and comfortable making it an excellent bar.  Loaded may not have the same reputation as some of the bigger companies but the Napalm bar can compete with any bar on the market.