ISM Adamo Road

ISM Adamo

ISM Adamo Road is a Strange Looking Saddle, but it Works

ISM has become well known for their strange looking saddles, and the Adamo Road is no exception to that.  ISM took the classic saddle, cut its nose off, and split it down the middle.  The purpose of this unique design is to remove pressure from your soft tissue, ensuring maximum blood flow and eliminate genital numbness.ISM Adamo

The ISM Adamo Road works for road, time trial, and triathlon bikes.  The Adamo Road is designed for riders who do not move around on their saddle and features an upward slope at the rear to support the hips when rotated forward in aero position or aggressive riding position.  The Adamo Road uses ISM’s 30 series gel and foam for medium level padding.ISM Adamo

Simply put, the ISM Adamo Road works as advertised.  The large cut out alleviated all pressure on the soft tissue and completely eliminated all genital numbness, almost an odd sensation when you have gotten so used to it with other saddles.  The Adamo Road places all the pressure on the much tougher sit bones instead, which took a real beating on longer rides.  Hopefully, after some more time on the saddle, the sit bone soreness will disappear as they toughen up and get used to it.

Overall, the ISM Adamo Road does exactly what it was designed to do.  The Adamo Road removes pressure from the soft tissue, ensuring maximum blood flow and eliminating genital numbness.  The ISM Adamo Road is perfect for anyone who is fed up with numb junk after a ride.