Honey Maxx – Review


Hydration with the Power of Real Honey

Over the past couple of weeks I have been filling my bottles with Honey Maxx, including on my first century, for my hydration needs.

Out of Carlisle, Ontario, Honey Maxx is the World’s first honey-based sports drink.  It is all natural, using real honey rather than refined sugars and contains nothing artificial.  The honey provides a slower energy release than refined sugars to keep you going longer.  Honey Maxx also contains a full electrolyte profile to keep you hydrated when getting sweaty.  There is nothing in Honey Maxx that you wouldn’t want going into your body.

Honey Maxx was created by endurance athletes for endurance athletes and the company is dedicated to creating healthy, all natural sports nutrition products with honey as the core ingredient.  A unique take on sports nutrition.

Honey Maxx comes in two great tasting flavors, Orange and Lemon-Lime.  While both taste great, I definitely preferred the stronger more realistic flavor of Orange over Lemon-Lime.

Thanks to the use of real honey, Honey Maxx is very sweet which might not be to everyone’s liking or may not get along with everyone’s stomach on long rides.

The only thing I found wrong with Honey Maxx was that it was very sticky, much like real honey.  It left my lips and the mouth piece of my bottles feeling very sticky which is not always the most pleasant feeling on long rides.

Overall, Honey Maxx is a fresh take on sports nutrition with a great taste and excellent ingredients for the athlete who is concerned about what they are putting in their body.  It contains real honey and no artificial ingredients, if I didn’t mention that before.

Honey Maxx Good:

  • no artificial ingredients
  • new take on sports nutrition, first honey-based sports drink
  • great taste

Honey Maxx Bad:

  • very sticky, left lips and bottles feeling sticky

Honey Maxx is available through their website or at a local retailer.

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