Garmin Edge 510 – First Thoughts

garmin edge 510

Not Another Garmin Edge 510 Review

I know there are millions of reviews of Garmin’s standard setting GPS computer, the Edge 510.  That’s why this is not a full on review.  Instead it is my initial thoughts on the Garmin Edge 510 after having one for two days.

Set Up

Set up of the Garmin Edge 510 was simple thanks to easy to follow instructions, both in the manual and on screen.  I had my Garmin Edge 510 ready to go after only a couple minutes, I just had to wait for it to charge fully.

The instruction manual for the Garmin Edge 510 was well written and easy to follow.  It made installation of the optional cadence and speed sensor quick and effortless.  All you had to do was line up the magnets with the sensors on the pod.  Installing the handle bar mount for the Garmin Edge 510 was straight forward as well, but I can see why many people turn to more solid, aftermarket options.

Setting up the Garmin Edge 510 itself was effortless as well.  All you have to do is follow the onscreen instructions and select some options.  Once you are done with the basic set up you can customize the screens with tons of options.  No wonder the Garmin Edge 510 has become the standard by which all other GPS equipped cyclocomputers are judged by.

In the box, the Garmin Edge 510 comes with more than enough.  My Garmin Edge 510 came in a bundle with the heart rate monitor and speed and cadence sensor.  But the Garmin Edge 510 also came with two different mounts, zip ties and all the outlet adapters you need to be a professional rider.


When I first got my Garmin Edge 510, I think I was most surprised by the quality of construction.  The Garmin Edge 510 feels solid when you first touch it, not like some other computers I have used.  The buttons feel solid yet responsive and the Garmin Edge 510’s touch screen looks and works great, even through thick winter gloves.

In terms of appearance, the Garmin Edge 510 looks great.  I went with the basic black even though the guys I work with thought I should go with the blue and orange team colors version.  I am happy with my choice cause its a sexy computer.


Apart from construction, I was also very surprised with how quickly the Garmin Edge 510 picks up signals.  The Garmin Edge 510 quickly picks up satellite signals (even from the basement) and ANT+ signals from surprising distances.  It even picked up the signal from the Wahoo Kickr currently in the shop from the parking lot.

Getting going on a ride is simple.  All you have to do is press the “start” button on the Garmin Edge 510 and you are ready to role.  And once you are done, just press the “start” button again to stop it recording.

Uploading your file is simple as well.  Just plug your Garmin Edge 510 into your computer using the provided USB cable and upload it to Garmin Connect.  Or you can use your smart phone and Bluetooth to upload your completed ride.

Final Thoughts

So far, after two days and a commute to and from work, I am very impressed with the Garmin Edge 510.  I think it is totally worth the money and that the Garmin Edge 510 will continue to impress me as I explore more and more of its numerous features.