Funkier S-922 Shorts Review

Affordable price and Quality Construction for Everyday Use

Funkier is an Israeli based cycling clothing manufacturer dedicated to making high quality, stylish clothing at affordable prices.  With great style, excellent quality, and affordable prices for every rider, Funkier others a full line of cycling clothing that is competitive with the lines from bigger companies.

The Funkier S-922 is a middle of the range bib short from the Israeli based company.  The short is held up by mesh shoulder straps and Funkier’s D8 gel chamois takes care of the cushioning.  Like every other product in Funkier’s line, the S-922 is constructed with quality materials and excellent craftsmanship with an eye towards style.funkier s-992

Like all good cycling shorts, the Funkier S-922 fits snugly with plenty of stretch for excellent comfort and movement.  The mesh straps offer plenty of stretch and support without digging into the shoulders.  Overall, the Funkier S-922 short fits comfortably and can only be described as excellent.

Unfortunately, I found the lycra used in the construction of the Funkier S-922 to be on the thick side and did not breath well, an unfortunate characteristic for warm summer rides.  The thick material was further emphasized by the S-922’s double lycra hem, where the material is folded over on itself.  The hem of the short became very thick and created noticeable hot spots on each leg.  Using a lighter lycra or including some mesh panels would improve the air movement of the Funkier S-922.

Like must of the products in the Funkier range, the S-922 was designed with style in mind.  The simple black lycra combined with grey stitching offers a unique take on the traditional, simple black short.  The addition of color brings a fresh style to these shorts that will still work with any jersey.funkier s-922

The D8 gel pad performed adequately.  For shorter rides, the chamois performed well but as rides got longer, towards the two hour mark, the padding no longer sufficiently supported my sit bones.  This has been a common trend I have been finding in gel chamois pads when compared to foam pads, like the one in the Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short.

Overall, the Funkier S-922 short is a stylish, well constructed short.  Although it may not be suited for the warmest of days and longest rides, the Funkier S-922 short is a good, affordable choice for the average cyclist looking for a capable pair of cycling shorts.

Funkier S-922 Good:

  • excellent construction
  • affordable price
  • fresh take on traditional style

Funkier S-922 Bad:

  • material on the warm side
  • short ride comfort from D8 gel pad

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