Felt S32 Review

felt s32

Felt S32: Capable Entry Level TT Bike

The Felt S32 is a capable entry level time trial or triathlon bike that is worth upgrading having proven its race pedigree in the Budget TT Shoot Out.felt s32Retailing at $1600 CAD, the Felt S32 is Felt’s entry level time trial/triathlon bike.  When speccing the S32, Felt made a number of choices to keep the cost down.  This included not using a full Shimano groupset.  Instead, the Felt S32 has Shimano 105 derailleurs paired to Microshift shifters, which perform well above what their price suggests.  While speccing Microshift rather than Dura-Ace shifters is a stroke of genius, the square tapered bottom bracket and FSA Vero crankset just feel cheep.  The finishing kit is Felt branded which again keeps cost down.

The highlight of the Felt S32 has to be the frame.  With dramatic aero shaping, it is a real testament to how far aluminum has come as a material for bike building since carbon took over the high end market.  The ride quality was a good and could easily be improved by upgrading from the stock 23c Vittoria Zaffiro tires to something wider.felt s32Felt has along been a leader in the triathlon world and it shows with the quality and thought put into their house brand finishing kit.  The aero bars feature plenty of adjustability so you can get just the right fit.  And the seat is a comfortable perch for those uncomfortable efforts with a large, blunt, and heavily padded nose, all though its length made it impossibly to get within the UCI limits.  If you plan on using the Felt S32 as a time trial bike in UCI governed events, switching to a saddle with a shorter nose is required.

One of the big questions when talking about entry level bikes is: is it worth upgrading?  And after testing, the Felt S32 definitely proved its self to be worth investing in.  While the stock wheels are a capable, if not heavy, training set, upgrading the wheels would go a long way to improve performance and overall feel of the Felt S32.felt s32Out of the box, the Felt S32 is a very capable entry level time trial or triathlon bike that wont be holding you back on race day.  Worth upgrading, the Felt S32 can grow with you as you improve as a cyclist.