Elite Qubo Mag Review


Elite Qubo Mag: All You Need in a Trainer

I recently had the opportunity to spend a couple weeks on the Elite Qubo Mag which is Italian manufacturer Elite’s introductory level trainer. With solid construction and easy setup, the Elite Qubo Mag is a no nonsense trainer at a reasonable price. For more information and where to buy one visit Elite’s website.

Elite Qubo Mag

First Impressions

Upon unboxing the Elite Qubo Mag I was initially impressed by its good looks. The white, red and black graphics and sweeping lines give it a sleek and racy look. The frame looks to be solidly constructed with a wide plastic base and metal arms for clamping the bike in place.

I was further impressed by how thoughtful Elite was in putting this package together. Along with the Elite Qubo Mag you receive a Travel Block for your front wheel and a DVD Training Program which includes 6 workouts.

Elite Qubo Mag

Set Up

Once out of the box setting up the Elite Qubo Mag was simple and only required one Allen key. Although the instructions were difficult to understand at times, likely due to a poor translation from Italian, I soon had the resistance unit mounted and figured out how to adjust the clamps to fit my bike’s rear axle.

Securing and removing the bike from the clamp once you have them dialed in is quick and easy. The Elite Qubo Mag also folds up nicely for easy storage which makes this a great trainer for anyone with limited space. Once the bike was secure in the clamps, swinging arms moved under the weight of the bike to sit perfectly against the resistance unit.

Elite Qubo Mag

The Ride

My first impression was that the Elite Qubo Mag is definitely not the quietest trainer on the market but it is by no means deafening.  This might be because I just use an old tire rather than a trainer specific tire but it will not require you to crank your TV volume to 11 or result in your family shouting at you to keep it down.

A large flywheel and 8 levels of resistance means that there is plenty of resistance for all your training needs. The average rider will have no problem finding the right resistance for all their intervals from just spinning to full out sprints. The handlebar remote felt solid and worked like a mountain bike shift which made changing resistance levels a breeze.

The main issue I had with the Elite Qubo Mag is that at times it felt like the swing arms were too loose and would move when I shifted weight. This was particularly noticeable when I got out of the saddle and I had to be careful to keep my weight back. The slight forward movement of the arms caused the tire to move away from the resistance unit and lead to a slipping feeling. In order to avoid this slipping you are best to stay in the saddle in the proper riding position.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought the Elite Qubo Mag was a solid trainer with all the basic features one needs when looking for a trainer. It was easy to secure and remove the bike and it folds up nicely for storage which makes it great for someone with limited space or who is on the go. The only drawback is that you have to be careful when shifting your weight as it can cause the swing arms to move and lead to wheel slippage.

In conclusion, I would recommend the Elite Qubo Mag to anyone who is in the market for a basic trainer. It might not have all the flashy features as other trainers but it also does not have the same price tag.


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