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Gravel, Gummy Bears and Grumpy Cat

The adventure continues for one brave Sufferlandrian.  After getting a shot at the World Tour in The Rookie, its time for you to put your head down and show that you have what it takes to stay in the big leagues.  As long as you do as you are told, you might even get a shot at glory for yourself as you race across the cobbled climbs of the Tour of Flanders and the white grave of Strade Bianche.TheSufferfest1

Do As You’re Told is the latest form of torture dreamed up by the folks at The Sufferfest.  Compared to some of their other videos, Do As You’re Told is on the short side but they pack a lot of suffering into a little time.  The workout itself features 22 intervals starting with a group of 11 matching intervals (10 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off, and so on up to 1 minute) followed by 11 inverse intervals (10 seconds on, 50 seconds off, 20 seconds on 40 seconds off, and so on).  Reminiscent of Downward Spiral (minus the bonus intervals), Do As You’re Told is a good workout for those pinched for time.

As always, The Sufferfest backs up a tough workout with great race footage and an engaging narrative, plus a little humor sprinkled on top, to ease the suffering, just a little.  Do As You’re Told features footage from the 2015 editions of the Tour of Flanders and Strade Bianche.  On bike footage of the cobbled climbs of Flanders makes it feel like you are in the race while the beautiful Tuscon scenery tries to distract your from doing as your as you're told

Once again its hard to find fault with any video from The Sufferfest, they are the best in the indoor trainer videos for a reason.  The only weak spot I can find in Do As You’re Told is that I don’t think it has as good of soundtrack as other Sufferfest videos.  But that is very subjective, someone else might think completely differently.

Do As You’re Told brings a tough workout, great race footage, and an engaging narrative, and once you through in some Grumpy Cat, The Sufferfest has another winner.  Now go and Do As You’re as you're toldLooking for more from The Sufferfest? Elements of Style, The Rookie, Nine Hammers

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