BMC Team Machine SLR02

bmc team machine slr02

BMC Team Machine SLR02: All Around Race Machine from Swiss Manufacturer

I recently had the opportunity to spend a couple of days on the BMC Team Machine SLR02 and, right from the get go, this bike put a big smile on my face.  A thorough bred race bike, the Team Machine SLR02 just wants to go fast with every pedal stroke propelling the bike forward.bmc team machine slr02The Team Machine SLR02 comes equipped with Shimano’s excellent Ultegra groupset and the smart choice of a mid-compact (52/36) crankset.  The wheels are also provided by Shimano with the solid RS21 wheelset which are shod with Continental Ultra Sport 2 tires.  The bar, stem, and seat post are all provided by BMC while the seat is provided by Fizik with their Arione R7.  Altogether the BMC Team Machine SLR02 is comes in at 17 pounds, a very respectable weight for the company’s second tier carbon.

Featuring a beefy bottom bracket and chunky chainstays, the BMC Team Machine SLR02 is fantastically stiff without compromising comfort.  Every pedal input goes into propelling the bike forward with no energy being wasted in side-to-side movement.  Excellent lateral stiffness makes the Team Machine SLR02 a snappy accelerator that gets up to speed in a flash.bmc team machine slr02In or out of the saddle, the BMC Team Machine SLR02 flies up hills thanks to its weight and stiffness.  Its desire to go fast allowed me smash a couple PRs on local hills and was the perfect bike for when things heated up on the Tuesday night club rides.  While showing flashes of brilliance as a race bike, the Team Machine SLR02 also provided enough comfort for long days in the saddle.

The BMC Team Machine SLR02 uses external cable routing which doesn’t make it as clean looking as its big brother the SLR01, but it does make maintenance a lot easier.  The frame does feature ports for electronic cable routing and removable cable stops if you ever want to upgrade.bmc team machine slr02

My only issues with the BMC Team Machine SLR02 come down to personal preferences concerning some of the finishing kit.  Personally, I would have preferred BMC to spec a more neutral saddle than the Arione, such as the Antares, which is a seat that would probably work better for more people.  Also, speccing 25mm tires rather than 23mm would have added a little more comfort and kept up with current industry trends.  These are both easy fixes and shouldn’t stop anyone from buying the Team Machine SLR02.

Overall, I loved my time on the BMC Team Machine SLR02.  Super stiff, but not overly harsh, the Team Machine SLR02 is a pure race machine with great power transfer, snappy acceleration, and a competitive weight.  If you’re looking for a do it all race bike that wont break the bank, the BMC Team Machine SLR02 is a great option.  And for the real stamp of approval, I would definitely consider buying a Team Machine SLR02 when it is time to upgrade from my current ride.

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