Assos Skinfoil Summer 1.4

A Few Words About the Assos Skinfoil Summer 1.4

The Assos Skinfoil Summer 1.4 is the first, next-to-skin layer in Assos’s layering system and is intended for use during hot summer months.  The Assos Skinfoil is designed to keep you cool by drawing moisture away from your skin and into the next layer of clothing in order to speed up evaporation.  Featuring tubular seamless construction and body mapping, which places different materials in their ideal locations, the Assos Skinfoil was created for total comfort.assos skinfoil

As a good baselayer should, the Assos Skinfoil Summer 1.4 disappears against your skin.  Thanks to a perfect combination of soft materials, elasticity, and no seams, its easy to forget that you are wearing the Assos Skinfoil.  Moisture wicking is spot on and the Assos Skinfoil will keep you cool on the hottest of days or during the hardest of efforts.

If you are thinking about your clothing while on the bike, you are not going to have a good ride.  Assos puts a big check in that box with the Skinfoil Summer 1.4.  Just put it on and forget about!