Trevor O’Donnell Interview Part 2

trevor o'donnell

Trevor O’Donnell Interview: Plans for 2016

The other day, I had the opportunity to sit down with local racer Trevor O’Donnell to talk about his experience with Cycling Canada’s Christmas Cross Program, racing the Cyclocross World Championships, and his plans for 2016.

In Part 1 of the Trevor O’Donnell interview, we talk mud, broken shifters, and racing against the best in the world.

In Part 2, we talk about Trevor O’Donnell’s plans for 2016 and going forward.

The Wannabe Racer: So 2015 was a successful year for you, winning the cross O-Cup overall.

Trevor O’Donnell: It’s been a good year. I have to thank Davide (Frattini) for everything he’s done for helping me come this far. Had a good offseason, started up January with some good base and it all came through.

It was my first year in U23 for road and I was with ReadDeal/Gears, I am with them again this year, some new sponsors, so things are looking good.

I did cross, this was actually my second season. The year before I was on Kallisto, just the junior team, and I started in senior 3 for cross which is kind of funny. I really enjoyed it, so built up a bike this year. Got all my tubulars, needed that, and had some luck, had some good fitness from the road season. Managed to win the first O-Cup and I was just like “this is what is going to happen, I want to go to Worlds.”

I was 4th at Nationals, I was not sure if it qualified me or not but they had room so I’m really glad I went now.

trevor o'donnellWR: What are your goals and plans for 2016?

TO: Goals, I’d love to get on the podium for cross nationals. I think top 40s is possible for Worlds and World Cups. Just to stay in the top 40s and try to execute more at Worlds and the World Cups. My focus for cross is not really the O-Cups, it’s getting to Vegas and Jingle Cross and those C1s. UCI points is so huge over there. Jeremy Powers getting a front row (start at Worlds) cause of all of his points in the US definitely helps. Starting 6th row at Worlds is hard, it definitely helps if you’re a few rows up. So it’s always good to have that.

Just get to bigger races. For road, I don’t really have any set out goals. We’re planning on going to Speed Week, getting out to those US crits. It’s also a hobby of mine, I love doing them. Just getting down to them, bigger races, getting down to them, getting my name out there.

Big races, Tour de Beauce. I’m really striving for, trying to get on a team for that. That would be great   to get up there and get into the action in the races.

WR: After your time in Belgium, do you think anything but a podium at cross nationals would be a disappointment?

TO: Ya, I mean, there are definitely still strong guys that are going to be showing up. The guy that won, Peter (Disera), and Danick (Vandale). There are still a few guys and Quinton Disera will be coming up. There will definitely be competition, it’s not going to be short of that. Definitely the trip has helped out for sure in getting the skills up. By the time that comes around will have to brush them off again and get them back. It’s in St. Felicien (WR: they are in Sherbrooke actually) this year. It’s in Quebec so definitely closer, that will be nice. It will be more of a focus this year, I’m already planning my year out for that.trevor o'donnell

WR: So 2016 is going to be another long season?

TO: For sure. It was funny. This year, it went to plan but didn’t really settle out. I just kept racing. So all the racing every weekend in April, May is not going to happen. It’s too much. I have to just work on training and just settle for bigger races.

I actually have a meeting with Davide this week. The plan is, roughly, I need to lead up for Nationals then kind of and taper off for cross. Essentially now I am going to have a break, we’re thinking April, sort of thing, to veer up for Tour de Beauce, which is middle of June, and end of June is Nationals. BC Superweek, July, that’s another big one and then I guess, once August hits, that’s for cross.

Last year I took 4 days off after Nationals and just kept rolling through. I didn’t find out I was going to Worlds actually within 3 weeks of leaving. I kind of had a break within doing a few races to get the O-Cup points, which was sort of a mistake in a way. I figure I could have been a bit more fit going in there, but it wouldn’t have changed the outcome for Worlds. This year’s going to take more planning.trevor o'donnell

WR: It really sounds like you are trying to balance road and cross, do you ever think you will choose to focus on one?

TO: It’s a challenge, but I can’t give up one or the other. It’s hard to say. Two years ago I was racing mountain, like going to World Cup, 12th at Nationals. I dropped that, when I say dropped that I still like to go out for a mountain bike here and there, but I’m not racing. For road and cross, they are definitely do able. I have to balance. Balance my time off. I can’t do road until like September and take 3 months off, kind of thing. It’s doing both and just keeping it balanced. Now that cross is over, I kind of want to get back to road. It’s a good balance, definitely helps to keep one or the other a float.

WR: So the goal is to get to the bigger races and get your name out there hoping to score a contract on a professional team.

TO: Davide and I were talking, it’s the definitely the goal in the next few years to get that next level in road. Separate from cross, road is just the support at the races. We are kind of working something for cross, it’s not really in the works yet, but trying to figure something out for that. But road for sure, it’s definitely a goal. Applying for teams, and trying to get the next level, for sure.

With big plans, 2016 is looking to be an exciting year for Trevor O’Donnell.  I wish Trevor all the best in his quest for a pro contract and a return trip to cyclocross worlds in 2016.  Having ridden with him a couple times, I know he is a strong rider and I was very impressed by his professionalism during our interview.  And with the support system he has around him, I think Trevor O’Donnell has what it takes to reach his goals.

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