TrainerRoad Updates Sweet Spot Base Plans

TrainerRoad Updates Sweet Spot Base Plans Meaning Less Time On Trainer

Yesterday TrainerRoad released a long awaited update to their Sweet Spot Base plans which replaces the long Saturday rides with shorter Sweet Spot workouts.  In a nut shell, it means less time spinning on your trainer going nowhere while still reaping the same benefits.

In TrainerRoad’s own words, this is what the update does:

Coach Chad Improves Plans With New Update


Long weekend endurance rides have been replaced with shorter Sweet Spot interval workouts across a large number of training plans.



Why the change? In a nutshell, this update will keep your TSS where it needs to be while eliminating the need to end your week with a long, slow ride.

Since TrainerRoad’s Coach Chad designs all his plans based around a weekly Training Stress Score (TSS) goal rather than a weekly hour goal, each plan still has the same, or close to the same, weekly TSS but in less time.  Which is perfect for the athlete who doesn’t have the attention span to spend 2.5 to 3 hours on their trainer.

TrainerRoad and Coach Chad still leave the option available to do the longer weekend rides if you want to or believe it meets your goals.  The change also doesn’t apply to all Sweet Spot Base training plans.  Plans aimed at those preparing for longer distance events, like Ironman and Ultra Endurance, keep the long weekend ride because the athlete needs to train their body to handle those long periods on the bike.

Personally, I am undecided if I am going to switch to the new plans or keep up with the long weekend ride.  On one hand, I hate spending that much time on the trainer and my target events will be much shorter than that.  But on the other hand, I enjoy doing long rides with good company so doing some preparation for that before spring will be handy.

The long awaited update to TrainerRoad’s Sweet Spot Base programs is finally here, next up is the promised release of Training Camps, which I am personally looking forward to.