Tour of Sufferlandria 2015

tour of sufferlandria

Tour of Sufferlandria Route Announced for 2015

The route for the 3rd annual Tour of Sufferlandria has been announced.  The Tour of Sufferlandria will run from January 24 until February 1 with 9 stages covering the brutally magnificent country of Sufferlandria.

In the past, the Tour of Sufferlandria has been the launch point for many promising riders.  Past champions have gone on to race in the World Tour after top teams took notice of their outstanding achievements in the Tour of Sufferlandria.

What is the Tour of Sufferlandria?

The Tour of Sufferlandria is a mythical stage race that takes place from the (dis)comfort of your own home.  All you need is a bike, a trainer, and some Sufferfest videos to take part.  Over the course of 9 days, riders must complete a series of prescribed Sufferfest videos that represent the stages of the Tour of Sufferlandria.  Prizes are available to those who compete.

The Route

The Tour of Sufferlandria kicks off on Saturday, January 24 with a prologue.  To ensure that the 2015 Tour of Sufferlandria is the best looking one yet, the stage opens with Elements of Style followed by a time trial with The Long Scream.

In Stage 2, competitors must face off against the 1 hour 40 minute Blender which is followed by Fight Club for Stage 3.

Nine Hammers is what awaits riders on Stage 4 of the Tour of Sufferlandria which isn’t getting any easier.  The Tour of Sufferlandria than turns up towards the heavens for Stage 5 as riders take on Angels.

Stage 6 is a mixed bag with riders competing in Local Hero.  Stage 7 is your chance to race against the pro teams that have come to compete in the Tour of Sufferlandria with The Rookie on deck.

Stage 8 is the Queen stage of the Tour of Sufferlandria.  Called the Dame Alissa Memorial Stage to remember the youngest Knight of Sufferlandria who was killed when she was struck by a car in training.  Stage 8 takes riders through some of Dame Alissa’s favorite routes as they tackle Revolver, Violator, and Half is Easy for a total of 2 hours and 25 minutes in the saddle.

The Tour of Sufferlandria wraps up with Stage 9’s visit to Mount Sufferlandria in ISLAGIATT.


Yes, there are prizes for competing in the Tour of Sufferlandria.  For every $10 donation (all proceeds go to the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s) you gain 1 entry into the prize draws.  The list of available prizes is looking good.

The Tour of Sufferlandria: do it for glory and for a good cause.

For more information and complete rules for the Tour of Sufferlandria check out the Sufferfest’s website.

Now the big question remains: will The Wannabe Racer making an appearance at this years Tour of Sufferlandria?

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