Tour of Sufferlandria 2016

The Tour of Sufferlandria, the Greatest Grand Tour of a Mythical Nation

The Tour of Sufferlandria, the Greatest Grand Tour of a Mythical Nation, is approaching fast for another year.  Much holy water will be spilled as Sufferlandrians from around the world will converge on the mythical nation of Sufferlandria to compete in the nation’s Grand Tour.

Taking place over 9 days, the 2016 Tour of Sufferlandria will once again be ridden in support of the Davis Phinney Foundation.  In 2015, Sufferlandrians raised $105,000 during the Tour of Sufferlandria for Parkinson’s Disease research.  Every $10 donation to the DPF gets you an entry into the massive prize pool which includes prices from Stages Cycling, Oakley, Rapha, BMC, and a trip to the Tour de France with Thomson Bike Tours.  The more you donate, the more chances you have to win some of these fantastic prizes.  The full list can be found on The Sufferfest’s website.

The Tour of Sufferlandria will be compete over 9 stages on 9 days which will be full of suffering, lactic acid, and heroic exploits.  Sufferlandrians can compete from the comfort of their home or with fellow competitors at officially licensed facilities.

Tour of Sufferlandria Route

Stage 1 February 6, 2016: ISLAGIATT

The Tour of Sufferlandria begins in the mountains for the first time with 2 hours of long climbs as you battle for the most aggressive rider award.

Stage 2 February 7, 2016: Revolver + Revolver

This one is going to hurt.  A double feature of Revolver means 32 one minute all out efforts.

Stage 3 February 8, 2016: The Best Thing in the World

One hour of race simulate, The Best Thing in the World will force you to prove that you are not a Couchlandrian pretender but a Sufferlandrian contender.

Stage 4: February 9, 2016: To Get to the Other Side

Stage 4 leaves the uncomfortable confides of Sufferlandria and crosses the boarder to bring you some gentle climbing with The Col Collective.  But after 3 challenging days, this 90 minute stage will be far from easy.

Stage 5 February 10, 2016: The Wretched

After an easy day in the mountains, its time for the contenders to make their move.  Short but brutal, The Wretched puts you against the best climbers in the world.

Stage 6 February 11, 2016: The Rookie

After two days in the mountains, stage 6 is another chance for the sprinters.  After working for your team, The Rookie is your chance to take a stage win in a Grand Tour.

Stage 7 February 12, 2016: Do As You’re Told

You’ve made it this far and stage 7 is another chance to prove yourself as a Sufferlandrian, as long as you Do As You’re Told.

Stage 8 February 13, 2016: A Very Dark Place + Nine Hammers

After 7 stages, the 14 efforts of stage 8 will take you very, very deep.  Feeling tired is no excuse for not giving it your all in this stage.

Stage 9 February 14, 2016: Power Station + Violator

Happy Valentines from The Sufferfest who’s gift to you is a contrasting stage of low cadence climbing followed by 64 all out sprints just to finish your legs off after 9 hard days of racing.


Some Other Details

Although there are no leader jerseys for The Tour of Sufferlandria, the real prize is the sense of accomplishment and the fitness you gain from completing these 9 brutal stages.

For the first time I will be taking part in The Tour of Sufferlandria and will be trying my hand at vlogging during the 9 stages.  Stay tuned for reports on The Wannabe Racer and look out for my first try at videos.

Join the official athletes village for The Tour of Sufferlandria on Facebook for encouragement and trash talk.  Follow this link to join: Tour of Sufferlandria Facebook Group.

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