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Scott’s Aero Bike Gets a Small Makeover for 2016

Trek isn’t the only company showing off what is in store for 2016 this week.  Ahead of stage 1 of the Tour de Suisse, a new Scott Foil was spotted in the Orica-GreenEdge pits being ridden by Swiss rider Michael Albasini.  The 2016 Scott Foil sports some minor changes and a flash paint job for its debut.

The first thing that jumps out for the 2016 Scott Foil is the paint job which has been a prominent feature on all of Scott’s 2016 bikes.

Most of the changes between the current generation Foil and the 2016 Scott Foil are quite subtle.  First, the seat stays now connect to the seat tube lower down the tube rather than the top.  Second, the brake has been relocated to under the chain stays, which, in combination with the new seat stay location, has allowed Scott’s engineers to really bring the rear wheel up against the seat stay.  On Albasini’s pictured bike there is very little space between the wheel and the seat tube.

Also, Scott has gone away from the foil shaped seat post of the previous generation for a more traditional round seat post on the 2016 Scott Foil, which creates more aftermarket options for consumers looking to upgrade.

The final noticeable change is at the head tube, where Scott has really “slammed” the front end and are using some sort of added foil shape to Albasini’s Pro stem.

Some surprises on the bike are the lack of an integrated front brake and one-piece stem and bar combo which other companies have used on their new aero bikes.  It is possible that Scott has developed a one-piece stem and bar for the 2016 Scott Foil but Albasini hasn’t been allowed to use it due to sponsor obligations.

Personally, I am a fan of my 2013 Scott Foil 20 so I am really looking forward to the next generation of the Foil.  It looks like Scott has not compromised anything with this bike in their pursuit for speed with the 2016 Scott Foil looking stiff and slippery.

Update: As suggested, Scott has developed a one-piece bar and stem for the 2016 Scott Foil that will be available stock on the top end models upon release.

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