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Bikes of the Pro Peloton: #bikeporn

In last weeks Weekly Wrap I shared a link to Cycling Tips’ gallery of the bikes that will be ridden this year by the pros and promised that there would be more on that to come.  So here it is, my thoughts on the bikes of the pro peloton for 2015.

Wait, There’s More?

Cycling Tips’ gallery of the bikes at the Tour Down Under only highlighted one, maybe two, of the bikes available from each company.  Most teams have three bikes available for their riders to choose from with most bike manufacturers now offering an aero bike, a lightweight climbing bike, and a classics bike.  And on top of that, they all have a time trial bike.  So each rider will have 4 bikes at their disposal this season.

For example, IAM and Orica-GreenEdge, who will be riding Scott Bikes once again in 2015, riders will have the choice of the Foil (aero), the Addict (climbing), and the Solace (classics) plus the Plasma (TT).

The term “classics” bike might be unfamiliar to you.  The closest thing to the classics bikes used by the pros are the endurance bikes that are available at your local bike shop.  They normally share the same name and some design features but they are completely different beasts.  While endurance bikes are more relaxed and long, the pros’ classic bikes have similar geometry to their other bikes.  Trek has made that version of the Domane available to the public, but at a cost.

When you think of it, each time will have a massive selection of bikes at their service course (one of the reasons they have become targets of thieves).  Not every rider will have every bike but they will probably use a couple different models through out the season.  On top of having up to 4 race bikes, riders will have a training bike at home and spares that ride on top of the cars or stay in the service course.  That is a lot of equipment to keep track of.

My personal favorite bike for 2015 is Orica-GreenEdge’s Scott Foil.  With a fresh paint job for 2015, the new blue Foil brings a fresh, new color to a peloton dominated by black kits and black bikes.  Trek Factory Racing’s bikes for 2015 also bring some great color to the group with their bright red bikes.

New Drivetrains

The planned release of Sram’s wireless electronic drivetrain was announced last spring when patent documents were uncovered and prototypes showed up at the Tour of California.  Now it seems that the groupset will be called “eTap” or “ETAP” and is getting closer to production with the groupset showing up on FDJ’s bikes at the recent Tour Down Under.

For the sake of fueling speculation, I think that it is likely that we will be seeing the release of Sram’s new drivetrain by July, just in time for the Tour de France.  Too bad Sram is only used by one World Tour team for 2015.

While Sram has been taking their time getting their electronic drivetrain to market, probably a good idea after the hydraulic brake debacle, FSA has come out of nowhere with the development of its own electronic drivetrain reportedly due for release this year as well.  This is FSA’s first venture into the drivetrain market after years of developing bars, stems, seat posts and cranks, and the new drivetrain will be reportedly used by Tinkoff-Saxo and Etixx-Quickstep, according to bike sponsor Specialized.

FSA has said nothing about their drivetrain plans, the only news has come from Specialized.  So is there much truth to this rumor?  But in a desire to further fuel speculation, I would wager that this new FSA drivetrain will be wireless electronic and a 2×11 setup in order to compete with the other manufacturers.

Hopefully more news on FSA’s rumored drivetrain will be available soon.

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