Maxxis Speed Terrane Review

maxxis speed terrane

Maxxis Speed Terrane Cyclocross Tire Review The Maxxis Speed Terrane is a semi-slick cyclocross racing tire with aggressive side knobs that is designed for hardpacked and sandy courses.  It features a file tread down the middle for fast speed on hardpacked and sandy courses with triplets of paddled knobs down the center for climbing and breaking traction.  The Speed Terrane

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Rudy Project Wing57 Review

rudy project wing57

Review of the Rudy Project Wing57 Time Trial Helmet Upgrading to a time trial helmet is an easy and affordable way to shave some seconds of your personal best.  The Wing57 is the time trial and triathlon offering from Rudy Project and is jam packed full of features.  Popular among triathletes, the Wing57 was the most worn helmet at last

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Louis Garneau P-09 Time Trial Helmet Review

louis garneau p-09

Louis Garneau P-09 Time Trial Helmet Review The Louis Garneau P-09 is Louis Garneau’s time trial and triathlon helmet offering.  The P-09 replaced Louis Garneau’s previous offering, the Vorttice, and brings improved aerodynamics, improved ventilation, and an improved lens system.  The P-09 offers many high end features at not high end prices and its performance is quietly excellent. The most

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Louis Garneau Course Skinsuit Review

louis garneau p-09

Louis Garneau Course Skinsuit Review – Your Everyday Skinsuit There is something special about putting a skinsuit on.  Normally saved for race day, you know you are preparing for something big when you are pulling on your skinsuit.  Also, nothing beats that feeling of slipping through the air silently with hardly a ruffle of your clothing.  Most skinsuits come with

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Wahoo Element Cycling Computer Review

wahoo element

Wahoo Element Review: User Friendly Cycling Computer I have been using the Wahoo Element for a couple of months now, as a replacement for my Garmin 510.  Garmin has been the leader in the GPS cycling computer market for years now but now Wahoo has brought their Element to the market to offer a little competition.  The Wahoo Element was

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Rudy Project Boost 01 Review

Rudy Project Boost 01

Review of the Rudy Project Boost 01 Aero Helmet The Boost 01 is Rudy Project’s aero road helmet and can currently be seen adorning the heads of the riders’ of Bahrain-Merida in its flashy golden color.  Rudy Project is probably better known to triathletes but has been making a bigger push into the road world thanks to the sponsorship of

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Loaded Napalm Road Bar Review

Loaded Napalm Road

Loaded Napalm Road Bar Review Loaded may be better known for their lightweight mountain bike components (like the X-Lite Ti stem) but the US company has also applied their carbon fiber manufacturing know-how to road products.  The Loaded Napalm Road Bar is Loaded’s step into the road market with a lightweight handlebar that can compete with the big boys. The

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Loaded Xlite Ti Stem Review

loaded xlite ti stem

Loaded Xlite Ti Stem Review The Xlite Ti stem is Loaded’s attempt at making the lightest stem in the industry.  Designed for mountain biking, the Loaded Xlite Ti stem is strong enough for off road use but light enough (and available in lengths suitable for) road bikes. Constructed from alloy rather than carbon, Loaded machined the Xlite Ti stem down

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2016 Scott Foil 30 Review

2016 scott foil 30

2016 Scott Foil 30 Bike Review Last summer, Scott unveiled the completely redesigned Foil.  When first released, the Scott Foil was revolutionary in terms of aero road bike design.  The use of truncated aerofoil shaped tubing (pointy on one side, flat on the other) helped over come some of the problems with earlier aero road bikes, mostly weight and stiffness.

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