Dressing For Winter Riding

dressing for winter riding

6 Tips for Dressing for Winter Riding With it being mid-December, most of Canada is deep in the clutches of Old Man Winter.  Unlike me, who hides indoors, some people are brave and choose to ride outside all year round.  Brave, or stupid.  So for those couple brave souls, here are my 6 tips for dressing for winter riding. A

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Thinking about Power Meters

So I have been doing some thinking lately about power meters.  Mostly I have been thinking about if getting a power meter is a good investment in my training.  With prices plummeting in recent years and many affordable options coming onto the market, now seems like a great time to buy one.  Or I can keep saving my pennies to

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Break Time is Over

November is officially upon us.  I have spent very little time during the last two months on the bike in order to rest up from last season, recharge for winter training and focus on increasing strength.  But now I have decided it is time to start getting on the bike some more. My first race is about 5 months away

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Look Mom, I’m Famous!

That’s right, there is my little blog featured on the bottom of a page on The Sufferfest’s website.  They included my review of “The Elements of Style” on the video page.  Its always nice to get a little recognition for the work I put into this blog. I have now done two reviews of Sufferfest videos for this blog, “The

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