What Happens When I Train Like a Track Sprinter Week 1

First Week Wrap for What Happens When I Train Like a Track Sprinter

So I just wrapped up the first week of training like a track sprinter with an hour and a half workout this morning.  Since I have some time off work currently, its been great living the pro life.  All I do is ride my bike, go to the gym, and recover on the couch which means I feel pretty good despite the high volume of training.

Let’s start this weekly report with an update on some key physical stats.  Before getting started, I weighted and measured my body fat percentage.  If you remember back to the previous post, my weight was 89.1kg and body fat was 24.2% (January 1).  This morning’s numbers where:

  • Weight: 88.8kg
  • Body Fat: 23.8%

Those numbers aren’t bad, its a lose of about 300 grams, but I was hoping for more.  In fact, when I stepped on the scales midweek I was at 88.1kg, that’s a whole kilogram and good progress.  I was feeling a little blotted this morning and might have been carrying a bunch of water weight.  My scale said 55% for water but I don’t have other numbers to compare it with.  I think the lesson here is: if you are going to treat yourself for a meal don’t do it the night before weight in.  I blame Subway.

But progress is progress.Training Cave

On the bike, I put in some pretty good numbers.  I can only spend so much time riding nowhere on the trainer so aiming for 10 hours a week for the next two weeks is about all I can do.  And remember, with out the interruptions that exist on the road, that really equates to more hours and better training.

Here are some of the key stats:

  • Time: 10 hours 17 minutes
  • Distance: 267 km
  • TSS: 461.8

Those numbers were made up over 6 rides this week, Wednesday was a day off, and rather than doing just long distance, steady pace rides, almost all of them included some amount of work in at least Zone 3.  And I threw in a couple sprints for good measure.

Sprint training was pretty loose and mostly just involved chasing the sprint KOMs on Zwift.  I considered adding some standing starts to my training but I’m working on strength in the gym and should focus on speed when on the bike.  A result of chasing sprint KOMs on Zwift meant I spent some unexpected time in the Green Jersey.Zwift Green Jersey

Oh, and remember when I said that I thought my baseline sprint numbers where a little low?  Ya, I already beat my 5 second and 10 second numbers while snagging that green jersey.

  • 5 sec: 855 watts
  • 10 sec: 765 watts

I know I said I would share what I was doing in the gym with you guys, but why cram that in here when I can write another post on it for your reading pleasure.

This weeks plan is more of the same.  10+ hours on the bike, lots of time in the gym, and more time with my feet up.  Hopefully I will be adding a trip to the velodrome this week to mix things up and work on some skills.  Week 2 starts tomorrow but until then I’m just going to put my feet up and relax.