Training Update: January 4, 2015

Chugging Along Through Base 1

Today marks the end of the second week of my first Base period of the 2015 season.  I’ve been working on building a big aerobic base so that I am ready for the hard work to come in the warmer months.  Train to train.  And so far I think it is going well.

During these last two weeks, I have ridden 6 and 7 hours respectively.  Slowly increasing volume from week to week as my body adapts to the new stresses.

But these last two weeks have really been about escaping the boredom of riding indoors on the trainer for extended periods.  Last week, I escaped to the great outdoors and put in a couple good rides in the cold winter weather.  I wish I could have kept going with that but temperatures dropped this week and the snow really began to fall.

This week, most of my riding was done on the trainer.  Pushed through a couple hour and a half sessions while watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix.  Anything to distract yourself.  But I also had a chance to ring in the New Year with some buddies by riding at Joyride 150.

Joyride 150 is an indoor bike park in Markham, Ontario.  So not only was it an escape from the trainer, it broke with my normal roadie habits.  We spent 5 hours riding jumps, pump tracks and what ever else is in that awesome warehouse.

Now how are you supposed to record that in a training journal?

I wrote it down as an hour of interval work.  Which it was.  A couple laps of the pump track or lines of the jumps offer a pretty good anaerobic workout.  Not only that but it also offer a chance to work on bike handling and, if the soreness the next day was any indication, muscular strength and endurance.

A day at Joyride 150 was all about escaping and recharging.  Escaping from the monotony of riding the trainer.  Escaping from the numbers of heart rate, duration and distance.  Recharging by having fun with friends.

But now its back to the trainer with still many months to go until Spring and the return of the sun.  Back to numbers and logging hours.  Back to having to motivate myself everyday to put in the hard work.  I guess it can’t all be fun and games.

If anyone is interested in some training numbers from the last two weeks here they are:

  • Duration: 8:50:33
  • Distance: 209km

Hopefully I will be able to escape from the trainer again and head to that magical place, Joyride 150.