TrainerRoad Cyclocross Plan

trainerroad cyclocross

How I plan to Use the TrainerRoad Cyclocross Plan This Fall

Week #3 of the Hardwood Wednesday Night Cyclocross Series is in the book.  As always, I was trying to improve on my previous week which meant my goal was to finish on the lead lap.  A couple changes to the course kept things fresh and threw in a couple more sandy turns (yay…).  Also some of the ruts through the sand are getting quite worn in, which could be a bad thing.

For some reason, no one wanted to start on the front last night.  So reluctantly I lined up on the front row, shrugging my shoulders and saying “what the heck.”  I’m not the greatest starter, comparatively, but I was able to retain a pretty good spot going into the climb which got progressively worse as we went up the hill and onto the false flat.trainerroad cyclocross

I probably went out a little too hard like I did in week one so I had to ease back a little as things were starting to go dark on the second lap.  Once things start going dark and the mental fatigue sets in, the technical skills went out the window.  My legs felt “fine” for the remainder of the race but my technical skills were garbage and I steadily lost time on the guy I wanted to beat this week.

Unfortunately, I was unable to meet my goal of finishing on the lead lap.  Once again, Gunnar Holmgren lapped me on his way to an another dominate win fresh off of UCI racing in Iowa at Jingle Cross but I was a lot closer to finishing my third lap than I was last week.  Gunnar also ignored my pleas to let me finish on the lead lap.  Jerk.  Next week.

Coming up this weekend is my first Ontario Cup Cyclocross race of the season at Toronto Cross.  Weather is looking interesting and we may have real cross weather!trainerroad cyclocross

So as the title suggests, I am using TrainerRoad for the majority of my cyclocross training this fall.  TrainerRoad has a large library of training plans starting with a couple base plans, moving to a variety of build plans, and finishing with a huge selection of specific training plans depending on your goals.  Each training plan also has three volume options depending on your time and fitness.

With the days growing shorter leading to not having as much time before and after work to ride, I have moved indoors for the cyclocross season.  In order to make sure my training is on target, I have started using the TrainerRoad Cyclocross Mid Volume Plan with a couple tweaks to get more from it.  Here is the breakdown for my training weak:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: TrainerRoad workout
  • Wednesday: Hardwood Wednesday Night Cyclocross Series
  • Thursday: TrainerRoad workout
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: TrainerRoad workout or race
  • Sunday: Race or outdoor technique/race training

The TrainerRoad Cyclocross Mid Volume plan averages 4 workouts per week, 2 mid week and 2 weekend rides.  I have replaced the longer, lower intensity Sunday ride with either racing or doing an outdoor workout focusing on technique and race intensity for the Sundays I am not racing.  I have also added an additional ride on Wednesday with the Hardwood Wednesday Night Cyclocross Series in order to get more race practice.  Working out indoor on the trainer is great for fitness but you still need to get outside and work on those technical skills.trainerroad cyclocross

With my TrainerRoad Cyclocross plan all set up, I am now working towards my goal at the Ontario Provincial Championships.  My actual goal is currently undecided but I have that event in mind.  Depending on how other provincial level races go, I will either target winning the Sportif category race or hanging with the big guns in the Elite race.

Expect a full review of the TrainerRoad Cyclocross plan to come down the pipeline (likely late November) and keep coming back for regular updates on my training with TrainerRoad and races as the cyclocross season progresses.