The Run Up: Introduction

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Welcome to The Run Up

What is The Run Up?

Basically its me trying to be creative with my naming of my blogs for this fall’s cyclocross season.  Also, I figure if I kind of make it into a series I will be more committed to regular blogging unlike I was during the road season.  Heck, I almost thought about turning this into a vlog but than I remembered how much I hate editing videos.

Its weird.  I often feel that no one reads what I am writing so, since print media is dead apparently, I think it would be a better idea to make videos that no one watches cause YouTube is where its at.  If you’d rather look at my face and hear my strange voice on a vlog, let me now.  It might motivate me to do that instead.

But enough of that tangent.

Over the course of the cyclocross season I will be writing a number of posts in The Run Up Series.  These posts will included race reports, training updates, equipment checks, whatever other random cyclocross related material I decide to produce.  So keep coming back to check it out.

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To throw a little more information in here than just that fantastic explanation, I figure I would let you know my training plan for the season.

Following what seems like a common trend, my road season ended a little prematurely after the crits at the end of July.  I had been planning to peak for my season goal event of the Provincial Time Trial Championships in the middle of August and then take a short break before cyclocross training kicked up but suddenly I was with out transportation to the event and was unable to attend.  With no events on the horizon, motivation to train, which had already lacked most season, tried up and I took my break earlier and harder than I planned.

vaughan cyclocross classic

Now that cyclocross season has rolled around and training has started again, I find myself a little off where I was and the weight I little higher than I had hoped.  In fact, my weight is up by a decent amount from where it was in the spring.

I am going to use TrainerRoad cyclocross specialty plan for my midweek training once again this fall.  That plan will make up my Tuesday and Thursday workouts with Wednesday night races at Hardwood in between.  Saturdays will be for technical training outdoors.  And Sunday will be for racing of course.

Kicked off the TrainerRoad plan this week with an FTP test.  Unsurprisingly my numbers were down from where they were in the summer but I think I can pull them back up this fall.  My result from the 8 minute test was an estimated FTP of 252 watts which is probably spot on based on how the efforts went.  So that’s now plugged in for all my workouts.

Just wrapped up another workout tonight.  12 x 2 minute VO2 max efforts.  Hurt a lot.  Didn’t think my legs had it at the start but I made it through the whole thing.  Even after Wednesday’s sufferfest at Hardwood.  They really cranked up the difficulty of that course this year and the young kids just keep getting faster.

So there is a basic explanation of my training plan for cyclocross this season.  I’ll probably update you on my training as the season goes on.  But for now I’ll keep working away indoors.  Look for the next edition of The Run Up which will be a report from the first O-Cup of the season.