The Run Up: Canadian Cyclocross Championships

The Run Up: That Time I Went to The Canadian National Cyclocross Championships

The other weekend, I headed down to Sherbrooke, Quebec for the Canadian National Cyclocross Championships.  No, not to race.  Maybe someday.  But just as a spectator to cheer on some of the local guys and watch Canada’s best up close.  Luckily I brought my camera and ran around the course grabbing some video.

The weather was beautiful for a cyclocross race.  Wet weather during the week made the ground soft and nicely chewed up from the pre-ride.  The nice weather meant the course had dried up and looked like there was plenty of grip.  And the course offered plenty of challenges and beautiful views along the river in Sherbrooke.  A suitable course and venue to crown a national champion.

And then the skies opened up for those lucky enough to race on Sunday.  I almost brought my bike along to do that.

So rather than writing some stuff about the races I watched, here are the highlight videos.

Vacation over.  Back to racing for one last weekend in Woodstock, basically my second hometown race.  And than the sadness of another long offseason.