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Hardwood Ski and Bike’s Wednesday Night Cross #2

Wednesday is officially the best day of the week.  Its one of my days off work and its Wednesday Night Worlds!  Or the Hardwood Hills Ski and Bike’s Wednesday Night Cyclocross Series as its actually known.

Yesterday started off by helping Davide Frattini build the Baseball Cross course.  A morning of course designing and hammering stakes while working on my tan.  For the last day of summer, it was a very summery day.  The course is coming together quite well and has a number of new and exciting features to keep things fresh.  All praise for the super fun and awesome course can be addressed to me (and all criticism to Davide).

And than it was off to Hardwood with a wheelsucker in tow to get some racing in.  After last weeks race, I need some more racing in my legs before the upcoming O-Cups and to work on my pacing.  Starting conservatively and finishing strongly was the plan for the night.

Picked up a wheelsucker on the way to @hardwoodskibike. #crossiscoming #crossishere #cyclocross #fromwhereiride #cycling #wheelsucker

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I started the race towards the back and was quickly at the very back, riding with some people I should be able to ride with.  Except for Davide.  My tactic to beat him was to ride slowly in front of him, not letting him pass, and than fall down to really slow him up.  It worked for maybe half a lap and than the hope of following his lines didn’t last long either.

I have established that if people talk to me while riding I will crash.  Example #1: while mountain biking, rider calls “passing when able,” next moment I mess up a log over and crash.  Example #2: Davide riding on my wheel, says “I’m your shadow,” next moment my front wheel washes out in the sand as I missed the rut.

After I got back up and got going, I was off the back.  I rode at my own pace, did pretty good through the technical sections, nailed all my mounts after the barriers, and eventually caught up with a couple other riders on the 3rd lap.  Passed one who seemed to have blown up and tried to ride with the other.

Now I was better than him through the technical sections where I was able to close the gaps that opened in the more physical sections.  So I should have tried to pass him and attack him through a technical section but a lack of experience passing people meant I didn’t have the confidence to go on his inside through a corner or something.  I instead tried to attack him on one of the more physical sections near the end of the 3rd lap.  I couldn’t hold it, he passed me, and rode away on the final lap.

Unfortunately I didn’t finish on the lead lap this week but I was only lapped by two people (Gunnar Holmgren and Brody Sanderson) and both late into the 3rd lap.  Progress.  Also, I finished the race without feeling like my heart was about to explode.  More progress.

Next week’s goal: finish on the lead lap.

And than it was time to ride home in the dark with my wheelsucker in tow to finish off an 80km day.  Tired and feeling like I earned my ice cream.