A Tale of 2 Seconds

A Tale of 2 Seconds: Dundalk Time Trial Report

2 seconds.

There are a lot of ways to make up or lose 2 seconds.

I could go out and buy 2 seconds right now.  Maybe if I wore a different skinsuit.  Or a different helmet.  What if I used shoe covers?  Or some fancy aero socks.  I could get some aero wheels.  Or use a disc rear wheel.

2 seconds.

Maybe if I got more aero.  I could tweak my position on the bike.  Or what if I kept my head down a little more.  Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten out of the saddle that one climb to give my legs a little break.

2 seconds.

What if I just stayed on the power a little longer.  Or got back on it sooner.  Maybe if I just skipped that little recovery on that one descent.  What if I took a different line on the road.  Or held a straighter line.

2 seconds.

If only I had done a better turn at the turn around.  Slowed down better.  Hugged the cone closer.  Got up to speed quicker.  Skipped the sip of water.  And got back in the aero bars sooner.

If only I had done some of that than I wouldn’t be here writing about 2 seconds.

2 seconds is what separated me from the podium at today’s time trial in Dundalk.  2 stinkin’ seconds.

Cat 4 resultsThis was the third and final event in the Racetiming.ca Ontario Time Trial series, a welcome addition to the Ontario race calendar for those of us who like time trials.  I missed the first race in Brownsville which was notable for its terrible weather.  But I did do the second event in Fergus but I never published that race report because it was so negative.

Which means I haven’t written a blog for you guys since the KW Classic.  At that time I was pretty down and that feeling was further compounded by the TT in Fergus which was a week after.  At the end of that blog I was left with three options: give up, do something crazy, or refocus my energy on training.

Luckily, I chose that latter and initiated plan code name Get Really Really Good at Time Trials.  Its only a working title at the moment.  But I’ve been putting the work in and it seems to be paying off.

Missing the podium today by 2 seconds is obviously disappointing but I am satisfied with my performance.  I don’t think I had much more to give and I was able to hit my target numbers.  Hopefully I can put it all together for the Provincial Time Trial Championships in about a month.  Maybe then I can jump on the podium.