Some Thoughts on Lance Armstrong

Tonight is going to be a short one to share something that I have been thinking about ever since I watched the documentary, The Armstrong Lie.

First, I highly recommend watching The Armstrong Lie.  I have now watched it twice and enjoyed it both times.  I found it extremely informative and cut through a lot of the crap that was floating around when Lance finally admitted to Oprah his use of banned substances.  It finally shattered my views on Lance.  I will admit it, I still idolized him and believed he was innocent right up until the day he confessed.

Now let’s get down to what I was thinking about.

There was one thing that Lance said in his documentary that stuck with me.  He believes that he is not a cheater because he was not gaining an advantage over his competition, which is how he defines cheating, he was just keeping up.  From this stance he thinks that some day we will look back and realize that he truly is a seven time winner of the Tour de France because everyone was doping.

Now first I thought that was a great idea.  Why would we want to leave so many blank spots in the record book.  If everyone was doping and on an even playing field, that means Lance was still the best rider, right?

What I have realized now is that if we, at some point in the future, decide that Armstrong did in fact win the Tour de France seven times we would not only be forgiving him but also condoning his actions.  We would be accepting doping as being okay and opening our sport up to it once again.  I think things are finally getting cleaned up in the pro peloton but condoning the actions of dopers will just encourage cyclists to start doing it again.

So I do not think that the cycling world will ever forgive Lance Armstrong and reinstate him as a seven time Tour de France champion.  Instead, we need to be content with the blank spaces in our record books and look to leave it all in the past.

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