Some Hard Training with The Sufferfest


Upping the Intensity While Upping the Volume

With the Base Phase of my 2015 Season Training Plan coming to a close (I’m in the third week of the third phase), it was time to up the intensity a little bit while go the volume some more.  And what does increasing the intensity mean?

It means it was time for The Sufferfest.

It had been a while since I had done any Sufferfest videos since I was focusing on just putting in the miles in order to build a nice, big aerobic base ahead of my first season of racing.  But the structured workouts that The Sufferfest videos run you through are great high intensity workouts that really get you sweating and make the time on the trainer fly by.

For me its a love hate relationship with The Sufferfest.  I love the quality workouts set to great music and excellent background video which makes the time fly by on the trainer.  But I hate how much they make you hurt.

The higher volume of the past weeks has meant longer sessions on the trainer, with the longest being 2 hours.  For me, 2 hours on the trainer is a long, boring struggle so anything that could make it go by faster was a welcome relief.  Giving myself permission to up the intensity meant that it was time to turn to It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time (ISLAGIATT).  No better, or worse, way to pass 2 hours on the trainer and make it feel like half the time.

Screenshot (9)

Its fun to look at graphs after a Sufferfest Video.


Another great way to get through 2 hours was to do the true Sufferlandrian thing and have a double feature of back to back Sufferfest videos.  So this past week I had a double helping of The Rookie and Downward Spiral.

Probably my favorite Sufferfest video is A Very Dark Place.  The style of the work out (5 4-minute intervals above threshold) fits the style of rider I like to think I am.  And the inclusion of Cancellara at Paris-Roubaix helps because that’s the type of rider I wish I was.  Its been a great workout for Saturday night’s after work as a substitute for the cruise intervals prescribed for Joe Friel.  Those can wait for the road.

Speaking of the road, it looks like things are finally warming up here in Ontario.  And with that in mind, I have decided that, once my base phase is complete, I will be heading back outside.  With the temperatures hopefully around 0, its time to escape from the constraints of the trainer and to the great outdoors to kick off Build 1 and prepare for my first race, which is less than a month away.

So after I have expressed my love for The Sufferfest, what is your favorite training video either from The Sufferfest or from some weaker company?  Please share in the comments.

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