Provincial Time Trial Championships 2018

ontario provincial time trial championship

Provincial Time Trial Championships Race Report

So this is something I haven’t done in a while, and not at all for this season.  That is write a race report.  Partially because there hasn’t been much to write about, and also because I was trying unsuccessfully to make YouTube videos rather than blogs.  But here we are again, back at it.

The Ontario Provincial Time Trial Championships took place last weekend in Grand Valley.  It was a last minute addition to the Ontario calendar and I am very thankful that a group stepped up to host the event.

ontario provincial time trial championship

Since it was a late addition, I hadn’t considered it part of my plan for the season and it fell 2 weeks after the races I had intended to peak for.  I didn’t think I could keep the peak going and didn’t have enough time to build back up, so I decided to not put too much pressure on myself and just see how it would go.  Which is why I just did the 30km Sportif category (losing by 10 minutes in against the Elites didn’t sound fun).

ontario provincial time trial championship

The bike: Argon18 E-80

The 2 weeks were spent trying to quickly adapt to my time trial bike again after having not ridden it for a season.  Even better, it was spent getting used to a new time trial bike with an adjusted position.  And just to throw a wrench into things, a new bike and position, race wheels, and a power PR some how did not result in a PR on the local club 15km course.

All this meant I went into the Provincial Time Trial Championships with no expectations of a result but I did have a target time in mind.  What helped was that I was scheduled to be the very last rider down the start ramp meaning I didn’t have to worry about any of those gut punches of having another rider fly pass you.

ontario provincial time trial championship

A full play-by-play of the 30km race seems unnecessary so here are a few highlights:

  1. It ended up that I wasn’t the last rider on the road.  I guess another rider got bumped from one of the other categories into the Sportif category, maybe his bike wasn’t UCI compliant.  Unfortunately, he ended up being the eventual winner and it didn’t take him long to close the 30 second gap.  Fortunately, he passed me just as I passed my 30 second man so I knew my day couldn’t be going terribly.
  2. Around 12kms into the race, my helmet’s visor fell off which meant I spent too much time humbling around with it.  First, trying to put it back on before giving up and putting it in my pocket.  All the while I was not focusing on remaining aero and putting the power down.
  3. The out half of the course had a long false flat which unfortunately for me meant that gravity was working against me due to my greater weight.  Based on splits, I was the second slowest (10/11 reported) at the turn around and behind my target time.
  4. Since the out was slightly up hill, that meant the back was downhill and I took advantage of it.  While it made it hard to stay on the pedals and maintain target power, it was easy to maintain above target speeds.  So on the way back, I had the 4th fastest time based on available split reports (2 riders didn’t have splits) and my fastest ever 15km.
ontario provincial time trial championship

Full stats from my effort. Wonky power meter though, so take them with a grain of salt.

My official time was 47:49, just about at that 47 minute target I had set myself.  I felt like I didn’t have anything more to give so I am content with that time, especially with how the course rode.  I was slightly disappointed that it only resulted in 9th overall (out of 13).  I ended up being 7:17 the winner, who’s time would have been good in most Masters categories.  He was 4 minutes ahead of second, so basically I was only 3 minutes behind the real winner.

While I did not happen to get a result, this little go at Provincial Time Trial Championships did remind me of how much I enjoy this discipline and that my body is much more wired for this sort of effort than the explosive ones I was training for all season.  Now I have some baselines for 15km and 30km events so next year I can strive to beat this personal records.  I sense a long term project coming on.