Prep Period Wrap Up

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Looking Back at 5 Weeks of Prep Work

Today marks the end of the first period of training for my 2015 season.  I finish up the five week Prep Period and start on Base 1 officially tomorrow.  Base 1 would probably be considered the real start to 2015 training, but it would be unfair to ignore the work I have done so far.

The main goal of the Prep Period was to get adjusted to being back on the bike after some time off.  Normally you would take a break at the end of your last season before starting the Prep Period but I took a break just because.  During the Prep Period I aimed to work out for five hours a week which was split between 3 hours on the bike and 2 hours in the gym.

Since I started the Prep Period on November 17, I have worked out for just shy of 22 hours.  I did fall short of my goal of 25 hours, but sickness and a busy schedule got in the way.  But that’s life.  I spent 6 of those hours in the gym and the rest on the bike, mostly inside.

In total during the Prep Period I rode my bike for 15 hours 47 minutes and 16 seconds.  And racked up a total of 384km.  Most of the rides were done at a steady pace.  But occasionally I did a Sufferfest video or did some Tempo intervals.  Not a bad start I to getting those miles into my legs, I would say.

Now with the Prep Period out of thew way, I start on Base 1 tomorrow.  Most of the workouts I will be doing will stay the same but there will be one difference.  Since I was already getting bored of the trainer, I decided to join the brave souls who keep riding outside during the winter.  For the first two weeks of Base 1, before I go back to school, I will be doing my rides outside.  That should be interesting, or at least more interesting than riding the trainer.