Prep Period: Kick off to the 2015 Season

dressing for winter riding

Today is November 17 and it officially marks the start of my 2015 season.  This mornings 1 hour trainer session was the first workout of my 2015 training schedule.  It may be just under 6 months until my first race in April, but it is time to get to work.

The first period of my training schedule is the Preparation Period, or Prep Period.  Lasting four weeks, my goal is to workout for 5 hours a week.  At this point not all of those hours will be on the bike.  The aim of the prep period is to get your body readjusted to the bike after a period of rest.  I plan on spending 3 hours a week riding the trainer and completing the remaining 2 in the gym with strength workouts.

The on bike workouts are very similar to those that I will be doing during the Base Periods: steady rides in Zones 1 and 2.  Not the most exciting workouts but for the next 4 months my goal will be to build up my aerobic endurance.  The wider the base, the higher the pyramid can go.

I still consider myself a novice rider.  I really only have two seasons on serious riding in my legs and this is my first time on a training program.  So as a novice my goal for the season is to build up my aerobic endurance during the prep period and base periods.  You can’t win races if you don’t have anything left in your legs at the end, let alone if you can’t make it to the finish.  So as Melissa Traynor said, its all about the base.

Races may still be 6 months away but it is in the off season where the races are won.  Time to get to it.

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