New Bike: Scott Foil 20

Is There Anything Better Than a New Bike?

Been a while since I have written anything but Christmas came a little late, or it was my birthday.  Either way, I officially have a new bike.  You might remember reading about the tragic death of my trusty old Rocky Mountain Turbo, while now it has officially been replaced.

Say hello to the 2013 Scott Foil 20!

Scott Foil 20 Weighting in at 17 pounds 9 ounces, this carbon beauty will be my weapon of choice for my first season racing.  If I don’t do well I guess I can’t blame the equipment.

The Scott Foil 20 comes with a full Ultegra drivetrain, Japanese component manufacturing giant Shimano’s workhorse groupset.  So far I have been very pleased with how well it shifts.  True to Shimano’s style, it shifts smoothly and quietly, unlike Sram who’s groupsets make a nice click-thud when shifting.

Red and black = fast.

Speed is aided by its light weight and aero tube shapes which use Scott’s foil design (thus the Foil name).  The frame is basically the same as the Foils ridden by Orica-GreenEdge and IAM, apart from the quality of the carbon and resins.  Tube shapes and geometry are basically the same.

scott foil 20

One things I have found very interesting is that since 2013, comparable Foils have gotten heavier.  Stock out of the box, my 2013 Scott Foil 20 came in just above 16 pounds for a Large (56cm) while the 2015 Foil 10s weigh closer to 17 pounds (probably a Medium, 54cm).

Since it is February in Canada, the temperatures are well below zero and everything is covered in snow, I have not been able to give her a true maiden voyage.  Instead I am stuck riding her indoors on the trainer.  A shame for such a beautiful bike who should be outside, in the sun, showing off.

I knew that on the road the Foil would be faster than my old Rocky.  Better aerodynamics, more rigid, better power transfer, etc. etc.  All that marketing mumbo-jumbo you hear from bike companies but I did not expect much of a difference just riding on the trainer.  Boy was I wrong.

Even on a trainer this bike is fast.

For example, on the Rocky the sweet spot for riding tempo was around 32 km/h.  On the Scott Foil 20 that sweet spot is now about 42 km/h.  That’s a huge difference.  Now suddenly my two hour rides are 70kms instead of 50kms.  Totally unexpected and a ridiculous difference and its not that I have the wheel size wrong, I checked.

scott foil 20

Now I am really excited to get my Scott Foil 20 out on the roads and see how fast she goes and how she handles.  The angles look a lot more aggressive so there might be a couple sketchy corners on the first ride.  Here’s hoping for a March thaw.