Look Mom, I’m Famous!

That’s right, there is my little blog featured on the bottom of a page on The Sufferfest’s website.  They included my review of “The Elements of Style” on the video page.  Its always nice to get a little recognition for the work I put into this blog.

I have now done two reviews of Sufferfest videos for this blog, “The Elements of Style” and “The Rookie,” as well as helping out Cycling Tips with their review of “The Elements of Style.”  Doing these reviews and getting the right retweets has sent my page views through the roof over the last couple of days.

So clearly the way to get page views is to do product reviews.  Reviews is definitely an area I would like to get into but am not sure how or how receptive companies will be to a small blog hosted by Blogger when there are numerous much larger websites, blogs, and magazines that are doing the same thing.  But what’s the harm in giving it a go?  I get rejected?  That’s no big deal.

Maybe down the road you will be coming to The Wannabe Racer for all your product review needs.