KW Classic 2017 Race Report

kw classic

KW Classic 2017 Race Report

There is no excuses for that.

That was just plain and simply an ass kicking and I didn’t have what it took to stick with it.

Yet another DNF at an O Cup.

At my previous races, there was something else I could blame on my poor performance.  Something I could pick out and know what to work on the next race.  Usually poor positioning.  But this time I just wasn’t good enough to ride with these guys on this course.

The course profile graph for the KW Classic did not do that course justice.  It was much hillier and the hills were much steeper than I anticipated.  Clearly gravity had it in for me and made the racing way too hard.  Add in some tough, nonstop racing and I could only stick it out for 2 laps.

kw classic

In my previous races, I normally would run into trouble due to poor positioning at important points in the race leading to me getting dropped (like this one, and this one, and this one).  This time around I knew I had to do better at positioning and I made a conscious effort to do so at the KW Classic.  I lined up on the front line and got off to a good start.  Even accidentally ended up on the front when no one else was motivated to pull through.  Every chance I had I moved up if I had fallen to the back of the group, especially leading into climbs.  So I can’t blame positioning on this one.

There is a classic quote from Jens Voigt regarding breakaways: “If you go with a break, you can either win or not win. If you don’t go with it, you definitely won’t win.”  And I think that quote perfectly describes Cat. 4 racing.  Everyone is afraid of letting a breakaway go cause they are afraid it will stay away.  And the KW Classic was no exception, there was no let up, no time to recover, as everyone chased everything.  Made for hard classic

There was one hill that was a real highlight of the KW Classic.  And it was steep.  On the first lap, I hit it in good position but was totally over geared.  I managed to grind my way up still in contact with the group but it took a toll on my legs.  The second time up, that was it.  I couldn’t handle it and, despite positioning myself near the front, I was off the back and unable to chase.

Not being able to shift into the big chain ring on my first 2 tries didn’t help the effort to get back on either.

Tired and frustrated, I called it a day after 2 laps and 43 minutes of racing.

Another O Cup, another DNF and this time I am the only one to blame.  Clearly I wasn’t good enough and it sucks.

At least the numbers from my 43 minutes of racing at the KW Classic provide some condolences for that bad performance.

KW ClassicThose numbers were totally not sustainable and explain why I blew up after 43 minutes.  But it is no less frustrating.  One of the problems is the couple extra pounds I have on all those other guys and the effect that gravity has on me.  If I was lighter, I wouldn’t have to put out as many watts to get up climbs thus saving some energy.

So the KW Classic has left me with a couple thoughts of where to go from here:

  1. Give up: I’m not good enough for this so why keep wasting my money
  2. Improve my power-to-weight ratio: lose some weight, likely through some bad diet idea
  3. Stick to my strengths: avoid the hills and just crush some crits and TTs

I feel quite defeated at the moment, but don’t worry I am not going to give up.  I am gonna go back to the drawing board, digest what I learned from the KW Classic, and make a plan for going forward with the rest of the season.

Next weekend I’ve got a TT so that’s a start.