Hello 2018

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

I guess its been a while since I wrote anything, but that’s because I didn’t have anything to write about.  I mean I could have written a wrap up to The Run Up series from my cyclocross season.  Or I could have written some sort of year in review post or some reflections on the season.  But I was too down on all of it.

After a little more time to reflect and digest, I think I can now share some thoughts on my 2017 season.  None of which are very good.  My weight is up, power numbers stayed the same, and I continued to make the same dumb mistakes in races that I was the year before.  2017 was my third season of racing and ideally you would expect to see growth from the previous seasons.  I blame it all on too many shop snacks and the bad weather.

Well, that’s how I felt a month ago.  Blaming my poor season on exterior forces.  But now I’ve realized the real reason and its much more internal than I had wanted it to be.

While I was waiting for motivation last season, I should have been developing discipline.  You wont always be able to find the motivation need to train, eat healthy, or recover properly.  But if you can develop discipline, you can make it through those times where you just can’t find the motivation.

And that is what I am working on for 2018.  I am not much for resolutions, but if someone forced me to put one into words, it would be that one word: Discipline.  I could say some specific like “lose weight” or “drink less coke” but developing discipline will go much further.

As I look ahead to 2018, I have already put some thoughts into my goals for the season.  So far they are all personal and not related to race results which means its all up to me to achieve these goals.

Goal 1: (finally) Get down to 85kg.  This has been a long time goal of mine and I’ve reached it.  I’ve come close.  Gotten down to 86kg but now I’ve gone way up again.

Goal 2: 300 watts for 20 minute.  Last year, I got close on a really good day.  This year I will get there with some consistent training.

Goal 3: No DNFs.  I will not quit any race I start.  If things are going poorly, I will keep going.  Obviously things out of my control can happen, but I will not make the choice to quit.

I have already been training for a couple weeks and, apart from Christmas and a cold, I have been consistent with my training.  And as a little break and a good time, I kicked off the New Year with a trip to Joyride to play bikes.  A little cross training is always a fun thing.

Also, discipline will extend into my writing.  Expect a little more consistent posting from me.  You can also expect improved media, like the pictures in this post, thanks to a new camera.